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Help to develop a weight-loss fitness program

liluai2042010-03-07 15:10:50 +0000 #1
I, male, one meter 75,160 kilograms. Winter has come, and good food at home, so fat, to help to develop a winter fitness weight loss program.

Asked: I do not like to go to the gym at home has no instruments, Who has the best hand of the fitness program, does not require any muscle ah what can maintain the shape, cut a little better.
chedaohai2010-03-07 15:25:13 +0000 #2
winter vacation is a fairly difficult time of year to lose weight! First, the cold weather, people's inertia and sometimes can not be overcome. Secondly, the more close to Chinese New Year, socialize more and more inevitable feast at the table of the! Third, the winter weather is not ideal to lose weight, air dry, low temperature, if there is fog, the best is still not a lot of good sports! ----------- And so on!

Therefore, I suggest: 1, the campaign is scheduled around 5:00 in the afternoon! 2, exercise time at 60 minutes! Gradually extended from half an hour! 3, sports options: walking, badminton, table tennis, shuttlecock and other small load, prolonged exercise. The beginning is not recommended running! After a week can take the time to adapt to trot! However, attention should be given to add moisture, but each time the recruitment should not be too large, pre-exercise supplement 200 ml, no repeat for 30 minutes, add 75-100 ml. End of the exercise for 30 minutes before the beginning of normal drinking water! Now popular square dance on your diet is also helpful! 4, diet control, exercise two hours of eating can help weight loss. After eating fruit before meals can choose, so that the stomach can be a part of exhibition space, to prevent a large number of high-energy matter intake, it must be noted: fasting against bananas! Could be replaced by apples, pears, oranges. Also, I wonder if you have the habit of smoking, they feel tired during exercise, is not smoking, because the end of the exercise, the lungs will increase the amount of alveolar opening, it hurt vital capacity! Also, when eating spicy, it is best not to drink beer, so most likely a long belly. 5, time arrangements: best to uphold every day. Or maintain at least 3-4 days a week time for exercise! 6 Note: 1, weight loss and exercise is a gradual process, no need to rush. 2, weight loss is needed is an insist on drinking control! 3, movement of lactic acid reaction appears normal saline feet before sleep at night, over the knee, to reduce fatigue and reduce the lactic acid response is helpful! 4, does not mean that dieting to lose weight! Does not mean that weight loss to reduce fat! 5, movement injury prevention is also very important!

Above is merely for your reference!

Any other questions, please leave a message or Email:
benhai6662010-03-07 15:21:11 +0000 #3
push-ups, sit-ups is the best hand fitness method, 135 push-ups in order to limit the main potential, starting from each group 20-30 months, increasing to 40-50 months, a total of six groups, the same 246 sit-ups, number and group number ibid. Winter is best to go running to lose weight, winter is the most long-distance running to lose weight every day 2000-5000 meters.
Life-changing fitness2010-03-07 16:14:15 +0000 #4
aerobic exercise will be carried out to reduce fat

flat rate is high and the weight of small. . .
David Airlines flight2010-03-07 16:51:52 +0000 #5
diet is necessary to use some good look at nutritional conditioning. For example, Amway's Nutrilite is great, and close to a lot of people are using



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