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makelinli1112010-03-08 01:11:49 +0000 #1
Please help me design the next fitness plan, I would like to address these two issues, the major winter vacation for fitness

1, alopecia. Because a relatively great pressure to learn to sleep late, and now the first love out of oil, sparse hair. Saw the hospital, opened the medicine, and then said to tie in order to exercise and eat more fruit and better improvement in their hair.

2, body weight. I am 180cm, only 58kg, too thin.

This winter there are basically a month's time to make their own arrangements, and then after school I would try to insist on

hope that helped me to formulate and fitness plan, thank you! !
szl2036dtlg2010-03-08 01:18:44 +0000 #2
Are you sure the time to practice every day, do? If there are like

The first is the morning, since it is too early nor necessary, 8:00 Rise up, eat breakfast rest 1 hour, 9 o'clock start, training, stretching muscles before a Baotou squat about

6 group (warm-up a group) 15, 1 minute break between

2 push-ups 6 groups (warm-up a group), each doing what you up to 80% -90% the number of times, resting 1 minute between the 3 do at home with dumbbells ? Did not buy a pair of adjustable weight. Dumbbell biceps curl training, the five groups (warm-up a group) 12, 1 minute break between 4 Volume abdominal six groups of 15, do not warm-up, because your body is already hot, and between the rest 1 minute

first, so practice it, because it is normal to see your little movement, so the intensity can not be too large, practicing a month later came to see me, practicing two days rest day

I am a practicing bodybuilding too, but I feel that for you This is my primary training methods of making a very gradual manner. Guizaijianchi

elementary students training should be based on work and rest, to basic training-based principles.

Strength training three times a week, four strength training after an aerobic training, the next practice.

First day of the program

Chest: Flat bench press six groups each of 8 - 10 times

push-ups and four groups each of 10 - 20 times

parallel bars Arm flexion and extension 4 groups each group 8 - 10 times

Butterfly 4 groups each machine chest clip 8 - 10 times (as a supplementary item)

Back: chin-up 4 groups each group 6 - 8 times

latissimus dorsi muscle chest down six groups each of 10 - 12 Ci

abdomen: sit-ups four groups each of 20

supine leg raise four groups each of 20

shoulders the next day plan: 6 groups each held upright on the 8 - 10 times

Sitting on a dumbbell in each group move 4-6 Group 8 - 10 times

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 sets each of 12-15 times

arm: vertical barbell curl 4-6 each group of 10-12 times

neck-arm flexion and 4-6 groups each group 10 - 12 times

legs: squat 6-8 each group of 8-12 times

toes 6 groups each of 12-15 times

planned with the first day of the third day of the fourth day of the planned with the next day

on the fifth day program

Aerobic Training: Running 20-30 minutes stationary bike 10-30 minutes

Food: In the morning I always eat two bowls of porridge plus 2 egg

noon to eat more vegetables and meat

Do not overeat at night (due to the exercise)

one hour before going to bed drink a glass of milk with a bread

8 hours a day to ensure sleep (sleep is very Important Oh)
Love inducing drug Clock2010-03-08 01:55:58 +0000 #3
If there are no conditions for purchase of fitness equipment, you can act like push-ups and sit-ups, but remember not to seek quick results, or haste, less speed. The beginning of time to do push-ups and sit-ups exercise resting leg, we must choose the right volume, after 4 days after appearance together to adapt to the amount of time their own control, we can not stay in one place, the muscles that will produce inertia, adaptation must be stable for some time to some of a group of exhausted, so that it can easily be destroyed muscle tissue can be able to stimulate growth. These are the main practice, and then come back to talk about supporting practice.

Arm strength device better not to use, large forces would get hurt easily pull a few small, will be bent back too numerous, and the best to buy 2 1 6 kg or so, big points, one can do, removable dumbbell, as supporting all aspects of training the muscle strength of different lines, it must be removable.

Let me say leg strength, because of the limitations of home can only increase the leg muscles to do jumping Mogao toughness, like you I want to be like me, in order to build good clothes, so that the requirements of the legs is not will be high. Say something real bar! Is a transition period after the amount of

1. Pushups done four groups, each number from the previous adaptation period to be excessive, the last group of exhausted

2. Resting leg sit-ups two groups, Group 2 was also exhausted

3. Dumbbell shoulder strength exercises, sitting in a vertical smooth ride on the back of the chair of the dumbbell into the K-BOXING give that look and then move on to the vertical. This requires a steady amount, exhaustive vulnerable to injuries.

4. At home, should be inclined 45 degrees could not find a chair, so lie flat and made it into birds, and practiced chest line. Action was trained in different parts of different angles.

At home, only to this extent also the bar! ! I did not go to the gym, and our house was never dumbbells, is to practice push-ups and sit-ups, upper body strength and the best, if not to the gym to do more pull-ups, three kinds of positions

were available for training, chest, shoulders, back, effect is significant.



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