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a2540781682010-03-08 03:11:47 +0000 #1
my leg basic comparison symmetry, wearing a pencil pants can be, but the calf will not look good wearing a skirt. Would like to ask professionals how to make exercise has become well-proportioned legs, or longer. I am now 21 years old
qd8141372010-03-08 03:24:24 +0000 #2
MM Bar -

Exercises for your legs ---

want to be more symmetrical if slim - teach you one way --- to find blocks of wood - 6 -7 cm-high --- feet above the third re-tread - 3 Fen Zhi 2 - dashed step on the ground - this can stretch the calf muscles - and then to do before the soles of the feet-fat Force - Alice heels from ---- and the feeling of toe pad up and down the activities of almost --- - --- to keep heels Buzhuo to 10 seconds - this time, the activities to be up and down - and then rear foot followed by Land - 30-40 seconds -- - will feel a little like pulling pain - normal - a cycle of repeat --- do 10 - 15 minutes or more before there are results ---- if it is to do this, then after the race - would not be so sore -- - is actually a little bit of pain in the -

the general day to do both times - a week to do five days rest two days - 3 weeks in six weeks when the rest not do - to avoid causing long-term stretching muscles - Muscle Fatigue Injury

so basically a month or so there are obvious effects of the



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