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Speed seeking professional coach gym weight-loss program!

Whg7314582592010-03-08 04:10:02 +0000 #1
I Male 20 years old 1 meter 77 tall and 160 pounds body weight, the abdomen, thighs have excess fat, and now I do at the gym Chang-year card want to lose excess body fat, but do not know how to exercise. Now seeking a professional gym fitness weight loss program. 【Have a clearly defined plan for what to do first, after what to do, how to do, copy someone else's discussion, thank you! 】
snryvi1232010-03-08 04:25:31 +0000 #2
on the five points I wanted to win ah, well, who told me were good, and slowly you make your call

I have the strength to lose weight champion, height 1.74 from 172 pounds to 135 pounds. Took 4 months, depending on your status bar, abdomen, thigh fat, then you do more sit-ups and running. Friends, I tell you. You lose weight because it is based, first movement of other muscles to do exercises, running must be more than 30 minutes, because 30 minutes before subtracting the water and heat, 30 minutes later, minus the fat are, ah, think of Multi-Shuang, do not run too fast. You'd better do not lie down meal, it should be standing, or brisk walking. This week could not come to see the effect. Running best 3 pm to 5 points, 5 points after the other to eat things. If the hungry, ate the apple of calories you eat an apple not Apple use more calories to digest. Enthusiastic about Apple is a good thing but do not eat a lot of injuries to the stomach. Do not drink too much before the late perception of water. You insist on two weeks after this ah. On the last gym workout muscles. Muscle also been found to consume more calories, but also build good-looking, more muscle is not easy to rebound, but also make you lose weight and loose skin due to compact. Every week you have to rest for at least 3 days, but occasionally eat too much attention can not, so you Bailian had. 2 months down and I guess that you are 140 pounds, and more importantly, is your body wow - did not have to say that

is also not difficult to lose weight, I wish you success, I am a pure hands to play out. You do not give points to make life difficult for the. If there are any problems on the supplementary



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