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How to train the forearm muscles

diao19922010-03-08 12:11:43 +0000 #1
how to train the muscles of the forearm in order to eliminate fat, but also can not make it bigger, just like Bruce Lee did!
wujiayuan52010-03-08 12:26:54 +0000 #2
forearm muscle by two muscle composition, a group flexion wrist and the other group is extended wrist joints, muscles small and multi-functional complex. Training is mainly Wrist Curl moves to turn the wrist. Volume load rope and pinch grasp barbell piece and so on. Here are the development of the forearm muscles of several specialized practice.

1. Scoliosis give

hands or grip dumbbell-hand side (boxing eyes forward), upper arm close to side of the body holding a bell bent upward Zhijian ago, slow to restore devolution. Major developments in the forearm extensor muscles, while developing anterior upper arm muscles.

2. Grip Wrist Curl

is positive grip barbell with both hands (palms down), grip and shoulder width, upper arm close to side of the body. Barbell curl up, move to the limit and then a gradual devolution restored. Action process, and always maintain tension in the forearm muscle force status. The main training base and upper arm outer forearm extensor muscles.

3. Anti-grip Wrist Curl

sitting on bench-side, two palm up anti-grip barbell, grip and shoulder width, arm affixed to enlarge the legs, wrists relaxed. Force will be bent up to the bar until they could no longer bend. Then relax restore. This action can be done forearm pads in the flat bench, but also to do a single hand-held dumbbells. Main exercise forearm flexors.

4. Behind the Wrist Curl

standing behind the positive grip (palms back) barbell, making moves to bend the wrist, the role of anti-wrist curl with the main exercise forearm flexors. Many bodybuilders like to use this exercise, because it produces a feeling of forced contraction.

5. Carpi Curl

feet before and after the opening, one hand akimbo, one hand grip combination of dumbbell-free ring at one end of piece, the other end after the sag, wrist joints to relax. Ulnar muscle contraction, to the wrist joint axis, the curl dumbbell back until the triceps strong contraction, and then restore do. Major development ulnar forearm muscles, but also developed triceps.

6. Carpi Curl

guard position with the 5, but Chi Fa vary, dumbbell before drooping. Bend your arm should be completely straight when you try to avoid elbow, borrowing peptide biceps strength. Exercise scratch side of the main muscles.

7. Hand pronation curl

sitting, holding a dumbbell at one end (or dumbbell), the other hand support, hand-held bell affixed flat stool or forearm inclined board. Within the family to do the hand movements outside the turn. Can increase the weight quickly in order to improve forearm muscle strength and agility.

8. Volume load rope

standing, hand scrolls, hanging weight force will be rolled up and controlled reduction. After the first roll is to roll back, repeatedly. This exercise can be more sturdy forearm muscles strong. In addition, the pinch grip, Zhuanie barbell exercises and a development piece, and so the forearm muscles in an effective manner.

In short, there is the forearm muscles during exercise, regardless of what method and point of view, the forearm must be fixed and strictly according to movements required to do so during the forearm muscle group in the action force is always in state of tension. Forearm muscle training in general practice once every three days is enough. Exercise may need to select 2 under a three movements, each movement training three groups, each repeated 15 - 20 times. Not impose an excessive weight to avoid injury.
wmyzazy2010-03-08 13:00:01 +0000 #3
play badminton, you see, who beat Lin Dan in the left arm, right hand rough than a lot of



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