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Skating backwards to learn how to easily slip backwards? ?

Lan Meilan2010-03-08 15:11:36 +0000 #1
Learn to S-position sliding, that is, are feeling forced to use his right foot sliding down the legs, are very sour, what do I learn how to relax it? ? Know prawns, known to help answer my oh! Thank you.
wsy6510262732010-03-08 15:26:53 +0000 #2
Skating Association, I was president of our school! ! To solve your problem is very simple! ! ! Most of our association to play a single row of @! ! There are double the! ! Slippery when you are not familiar S-posture slipped! ! ! Because it will affect your speed! ! !

Here to give you a very practical approach::
, when sliding down the first turning in circles! ! ! Cross-step! ! ! One for one! ! After sliding to be skilled you can easily slip down a Huanbu! ! !

There are learning to be non-stop skating! ! ! Long slide to bear fruit! ! ! !
401,927,7372010-03-08 15:51:45 +0000 #3
My sliding down school when they were fell on the floor N times, hands were full of pain for a few days, not a fall is not learn, and this is no skill at all, I am self-taught, and went to 4.5 times learned. You look at the feet of those who master how the pendulum followed suit. You can not made because he did not meet your feet, do more to adapt a few!



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