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The good word about good sentences hone

Ning Ning 10212010-03-08 16:10:17 +0000 #1
hone the good words good words! ! Jiji Ji
tourwlx2010-03-08 16:15:24 +0000 #2
"lime-Yin," Yu Qian

1000 Hammer 10000 hit the mountains, the fire burning if the power of words. Powder Gusui not afraid of the whole body, to stay clean in the human world.

"Takeishi," Zheng Xie

Yaoding Aoyama is not relaxed, rooted originally in the broken rock. 1000 Mill 10000 Jian Jin was also hit, he served as North and South Korea East wind.

"Pine" Chen

snow pressure pine, pine pretty and straight. Song Gao Jie should know, up until the time when the snow.

"Cautionary Hsien-wen," the hard-working chapter

Bao Jianfeng tempered their fragrance of plum blossom from the bitter cold to

Shu-shan Road ground for the tracks are hard to do Boundless Learning Boat

If you fail in life, please do not be sad written on the face of tears. Failure is also a harvest of life the most important thing is to have a full of courage and an entrepreneurial courage.

Life can be engulfed greedy desire of those boat, you can also summon the striver Fight sail.

Setbacks can truncate the cowardly way forward who can also put up a brave climb the ladder.

Do not just tanha warm sun, should love the rain, it is pure, your soul; Do not just accept the light, it should go to enjoy the night, it lets you see the stars; Do not just to meet the joy, but also should go to tolerate sad, it sublimate your soul.

Do not just covet smooth journey, but also should go to try to ups and downs, it hone your will; not just welcomed the praise should go to accept criticism, it allows you to see the defects; Do not just pray for, but also should go to make a contribution , it proves that you value.
353,956,5552010-03-08 16:57:23 +0000 #3
Even if the road a rough ride, the wheels have to move forward; even rough rivers, ships are sailing.

Road twists and turns circling, but, after all, an extension towards the peak.

Waves to slash one of the ship farewell for the drift of the vessel funeral.

After the sea, some sharpening, it becomes more beautiful and smooth pebbles.

Seedlings if a afraid of the pain refused to pruning, it will never become useful.

Falls across the dangerous steep only when it is extraordinarily magnificent.



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