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Guiqiu Fitness Program!

zhaoxinlei20072010-03-08 16:10:23 +0000 #1
Fitness today organized a one-year card, but the gym is not to develop fitness plans, and no personal trainers, so please always fitness friends to help prepare a fitness program, including scheduling, project, group number, frequency, diet, trouble you, very grateful!

Tell us about the person's circumstances: Male, 24 years old, height 173cm, weight 80KG, fat content of 18.8, the coach said that obesity is a muscle! She had previously been practiced sports, and more familiar with some basic movements, power good, medium endurance. Mainly want to enhance the upper body muscles, including the shoulder, back, chest, abdomen, arms (circumference 22), as lower body leg muscles sufficiently developed, but the line is not good, and now adds a bit of fat (hip 105, thigh 63, calf 35), so want to reduce fat, the main line! Fitness time I concentrated on every night!

Once again grateful if you help to prepare a fitness plan, very grateful!
9 was young and frivolous,2010-03-08 16:26:17 +0000 #2
would like to reduce fat on the run, wants to pull lines, then the weight of his brother part of the arrangements do not have too heavy, you can click a little weight, but the amount should be more. Muscle training is best for training a day project, such as practiced today, the chest, back to practice tomorrow. Chest: 1. Push to do Chest Group 4 or 5 a day rental, a group of 12 or so, the weight of your own master 2. Birds. A the same as the number and push the chest, there are some other auxiliary aids .... I do not know what the name, and practicing chest when lying on top of the chair must take the waist up, otherwise no effect
drift boat leaf2010-03-08 16:53:50 +0000 #3
You do not have to Guiqiu

The purpose of consumption of fat, long-distance running is the best choice

this, you know, and aerobic exercise

do not have to plan another campaign that can persist in not less than 1 hour a day of


your upholding! ! !



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