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By muscle and lose weight contradictions?

zhaoxinlei20072010-03-08 16:10:46 +0000 #1
I'm a fitness beginner (23-year-old 173CM 80KG buttocks 105 thigh 63 calf 35 fat content 18.8), as previously practiced sports, so the basis of a good sports!

In recent years, reduced physical activity, fat a lot, especially the lower body muscles have been very well developed, and now has more fat and long, thick legs and buttocks, because I figure the ratio in itself a bad idea, upper body length, lower body is short, Tuicu very ugly, very much like to lose lower body of fat; upper body fairly off to want to be trained in Zhuang some! The pear-shaped body to change the ugly!

This is my training program, as the main lower body in order to lose weight, do not arrange training equipment!

Monday shoulder 45 minutes jogging speed 7.5

Tuesday the chest brachial three 45-minute jog speed 7.5


Thursday closed the back pace of the brachial two 45-minute jog on Friday, abdomen 7.5


45 minutes jogging speed of the chest on Saturday, back 45 minutes jogging speed 7.5


Some people say that doing too much cardio will consume muscle, was also said that fitness is a whole body movement, not do lower body strength training would affect the overall shape!

Increase muscle and lose weight so I am very contradictory, and do more aerobic exercise to lose weight, but was worried about the impact the growth of upper body muscle, lower body strength training did not dare to do, for fear the more practice the more rough!

I are done every day instruments do after a 45-minute jog!

Due to various claims too much, so now do not know how to do a!

Please help fitness enthusiasts interested in help, tell me how to do this?

Way to help me look at my training program on how to correct it reasonable?

Eternally grateful! ! ! ! ! !

Gavintutu2010-03-08 16:13:32 +0000 #2
There should be no contradiction between bar
Meath →2010-03-08 16:19:52 +0000 #3
In fact, to lose weight is to make avatars look good, is to excess body fat into muscle, so a certain amount of movement is necessary, especially aerobic exercise jogging (including the gym where the aerobics) are right in good health, and weight loss are very effective. However, we must meet the following strength training stretching movement, done after the compression pressure arm movement, stretching, or kicking (of course, must continue for some time, for example, is almost 10 minutes), so that it will allow the muscles are has type, there are curves.

I practiced yoga, I feel that yoga is a combination of strength and stretch, a lot of people say I lost a lot, very effective. If you're a beginner, it is better go to the gym, under the leadership of the coach to do yoga.

Personal experience, adding a little bit there, learned from the coach, and want to help you lose weight

I wish success -------
7 SUN Qiang2010-03-08 16:48:01 +0000 #4
pretty good



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