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22 years old, did not exercise heart rate 130, there is no uncomfortable feeling, running up 147 or

ericjackson052010-03-08 18:11:14 +0000 #1
How's going on
kaiserzhong2010-03-08 18:21:58 +0000 #2
tachycardia, go to the hospital examination examination, there is a determination of whether the Right ...

there is no chest tightness, then should Meisha big problem, go to the hospital to see, eat medicine, may be the heart disease, there are extrinsic factors, emotional stress caused by mental illness ...

as soon as possible to see the long jump too fast the heart of the burden of pitfalls.
Helpless d consciousness2010-03-08 18:26:38 +0000 #3
normal 72 or so you do not measure wrong? 130? I had a straw, you exercise a particularly poor cardiopulmonary function would not Hang Leba not think so 130 after strenuous exercise ordinary people do not know so many do not know
angfuangfu2010-03-08 18:40:29 +0000 #4
130? Brother, more than twice as fast as my provincial point of using the bar, said the number of people beating heart is fixed, jump over die faster!
mar12122010-03-08 18:54:03 +0000 #5
tachycardia ah! Tachycardia, go to hospital for an examination review
Life Fire 4172010-03-08 20:05:14 +0000 #6
130? ? ? Do not mistake it, death 快啊. Go and hospital
xiaobao23667022010-03-08 18:31:46 +0000 #7
popfancy95272010-03-08 20:39:00 +0000 #8
130 faster jump out! ! ! ! Ask them to help you measure the next bar! ! Do not take out scary,,,,, if true, on 100, then you should go take a look at the almost



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