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Rope skipping movement got under way when the

virgin body of Xiang2010-03-09 06:11:48 +0000 #1
rope skipping movement originated in what time, I like rope skipping,
Definiens2010-03-09 06:23:15 +0000 #2

rope skipping rope skipping, in China has 1000 years of history. Modern rope skipping, generally speaking, can be divided into single rope skipping with two kinds of people. Single rope skipping as early as in ancient times, when Northern and Southern Dynasties had emerged, many people skipping the late Ming Dynasty, see record. The so-called "two hand-held rope, whisk in and wish to just", that is today's single rope skipping, skipping the Tang Dynasty called the "penetrating cord." Ming and Qing Dynasties, rope skipping is called "jump 100 cord," "rope fly."

Ming Wan Department Miscellanies book is written: "to Zhang Xu Nagaami, two children on the pull, flying pendulum uncertain, it is difficult gaze, if one hundred dull, in fact, a claim also. Group children by their movement, the wheel jumped on it in order to be able to off the winner, otherwise the rope by the law, those who listen to palm rope to rope to show the penalty shot, the name jumped 100 cord. "100 cable because of the name 100 seemed on the rope swing rope moving, therefore, to the earliest Chinese New Year fashionable kids a game, the so-called "jump 100 plan" is because when the rope spinning, you can magic into the thousands of articles, while the name implies. The rope skipping called the "flying rope", probably due to the rope rotation, such as flying in the air moving, so named.

During the Ming Dynasty landscape slightly Teikyo said: "Two Boy cited saulieu land, such as the white wheels, a Boy dancing Light, saying: 'jump jump Basso Basso'。"--"," also known as "jumping 100 cable "; Youzhou endemic recited the book, said:" Taiping Drum, sound Hasty, white cord, such as round dancing children, a child claims a child dance song, a child jumped into the white light of. "- which is now in the mother and child jump jump.

Skipping campaign has already proved popular in the Qing Dynasty. 100 jump ropes for children in the Qing Dynasty, often rhythmic songs to be doing the singing, entertainment, a strong habit. Fan Rong Qing Dynasty, according to Pi, "Royal Plaza at the age of Ji Sheng" in the record, in the Qing Dynasty when Beijing Lantern Festival folk entertainment, saying that skipping the "jump 100 cord." Jinan House "House records," contains: "Every year on New Year's first month Meng, women with children jump rope for this show, the name 'jump 100 cable'." "Pines Pavilion Poems," also has poetry written: "The white cord, such as round dance children, a child claims a child dance and sing a round of child jumped into the light. "when such a jump Size of the pull accompaniment of the game, entertainment-oriented. Skipping a jump on one leg, one leg for jumping, feet and dancing feet of air before and after the sub-jumping around a variety of methods to promote the development of sensitive children, speed, jumping and endurance fitness, are good. Therefore, the skipping campaign has spread so far.



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