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Beauty salon and yoga studio business What's the difference?

fangzhensheng2010-03-09 11:10:44 +0000 #1
2 are the service industry? Difference between his life? What is the difference of management?
mu2008022010-03-09 11:20:40 +0000 #2
Louis fragrant beauty salon Body of the projects have, drunk white therapies to support the U.S. Lost City, Tokyo, plastic replacement therapy, a comprehensive US-plastic weight-loss therapy, sun and moon volcano jade SPA, the Incas and other spinal wake therapy Featured Items.

Silver Star Shop is to invest 3.8 million, we have distribution you are 76000 products and 07600 instruments.

Venus shops is to invest 60000, we delivery your 12 million products and 1.2 million instruments.

Platinum shops is to invest 90000, we have 180,000 distribution your product and 1.8 million instruments.

Zuanshi Dian is the investment of 1.2 million, we have distribution you 24 million products and 2.4 million instruments.

Flagship store is to invest 200 thousand, we delivery your 450,000 products and 40000 instruments.

Agent-level flagship store is to invest 300 thousand, we delivery your 860,000 products and 45000 instruments.



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