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Will the effect of yoga exercises how to lose weight like? Useful?

Wind If the Maple Rain2010-03-09 15:11:41 +0000 #1
Will the effect of Yoga exercises how to lose weight like? Useful?
meiyudewenda2010-03-09 15:21:07 +0000 #2
If you have perseverance and the ability to persevere, then recommend you for the general approach: a reasonable diet and exercise. First of all reasonable arrangements for your three meals a day, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat the morning, noon, eat, eat less at night, before the morning drink a glass of warm water or honey water, meat must be eaten on the afternoon or morning. Sports, it can run out sooner or later, running, jumping, jumping rope, doing the sit-ups, dance and so on. In the short term there will be no good results, we must persevere Oh, to see the effects of long-term adherence. If you want to slim down quickly, I suggest you try (^ Yu-shu ^ ^ ^ by church groups ^ ^ ^ co ^ fat) it is a pure Chinese medicine extract, without any side effects, I am lazy, but also more gluttonous, diet + campaign in adhering to give up three days later with the (^ Yu-shu ^ ^ ^ by church groups ^ ^ ^ co ^ fat), the effect's pretty good, one month cut by 10 kilograms, not to movement, not need to diet, I am most satisfied with is not bad to reflect the past with some of the weight-loss drugs so I always go to the bathroom, that sad ah. Haha, refueling Oh!

Refer to wish you a successful weight loss


laver laver contain not only very rich vitamin A, B1 and B2,, can also help to drain away the waste and the accumulation of moisture inside the body.


sesame sesame seeds in the rich in oleic acid can accelerate the release of cholesterol within the blood vessels attached.

3, banana

banana contains a very high calories, but little fat, but rich in potassium, can be another full stomach fat can reduce the accumulation of fat in the lower body, is the ideal time to lose weight foods.

4, Apple

apple contains malic acid, can increase metabolism and reduce lower body fat.


red beans red beans contain stone base of the acid can be increased bowel movements, promote urination and reduce constipation, clear lower body fat.


eggs inside the eggs will help to remove fat, vitamin B2, which contains niacin and vitamin B12 can remove the lower body of fat.

7, Grapefruit

Grapefruit calories very low, do not eat fat, but also rich in potassium will help to reduce lower body fat and water accumulation.


contains ingredients of konjac mannan to grape mainly of food rich in fiber, was alkaline, after absorbing water volume can be expanded 100-fold viscosity. Can promote the secretion of intestinal enzymes to enhance the activity of enzymes to remove secretions on the intestinal wall.
876,941,0322010-03-09 15:42:23 +0000 #3
useless customs built to eat more to vent drug



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