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The two basic characteristics of motion perception

pingsuccess2010-03-09 20:11:04 +0000 #1

cuijunjie10302010-03-09 20:22:42 +0000 #2
The so-called motion perception, is a human right and moving objects in space displacement speed of perception.

Who wants to produce motion perception, we must first determine the frame of reference. Frame of reference can be some of the relatively stationary objects can also be self-observer. There is no frame of reference that people can not produce or produce erroneous motion perception motion perception. For example, in a dark room watching a spot, over a period of time, will still points of light as a movement. This is because the lack of reference in the field of vision with the rules.

Human motion perception depends on the movement of objects with absolute speed and distance from the observer. Too far away or even not aware of things in motion. This can be used to analyze the angular velocity. Angular velocity is a unit of time perspective of the scope of the movement of objects. In the optimal experimental conditions, the motion perception threshold is the next 1-2 minutes / seconds, the threshold is 35 degrees per second.

Who have specialized eyes perceive light waves, specialized ears perceive sound waves, but no special sense organs of the movement of objects. We are the movement of objects through a variety of sensory perception is the synergy achieved. When people observe the moving objects, if one eye and head do not move, objects in the image on the retina of continuous movement, it allows us to generate motion perception. If the eyes and head follow the movement of objects, when visual images while maintaining basically does not move, eyes and head kinesthetic information, but also enough for us to generate motion perception. If we look at a fixed object, even turning the eyes and head, can not produce motion perception, because the eyes and neck kinesthetic offset visual displacement on the retina.



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