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Physical exercise is a good practice yoga or aerobics

tuweng20072010-03-10 04:10:09 +0000 #1
I sat as long-term computer work, now appears lumbar disc hernia, and I would like to exercise at the same time be able to lose weight Body, Can I practice yoga or aerobics good? Thank you
woliyufu2010-03-10 04:22:31 +0000 #2
practice at home, I'll get the next on the information in this regard you look

1, exercise Meditation: Meditation is the kinds of state of consciousness. When you practice meditation, you should try to make their own inner calm, to concentrate in the body. Meditation can effectively relieve tense muscles and nerves, restore your energy. Through the meditation practice can enhance the spirit of the attention so that feelings of calm.

2, about physical fitness: practice yoga postures before, to understand how much your own physical ability, it is very important. Do not force themselves to do something beyond one's own physical posture or excessive exercise. Because yoga is not competitive.

3, step by step in order to achieve a successful yoga practice, but also must master the right approach. Yoga is a complete scientific system, though not everyone can be perfect to make all of the yoga postures, but they certainly can, without difficulty to master the essentials yoga practice. Yoga exercises every step must be careful not to act with undue haste, to tie in the process of breathing exercises, movements to try to alleviate, to maintain the overall balance of the action.

4, practice time, early morning, before breakfast, the best time for yoga exercise. In the evening or at other times may also be practice, but to ensure complete digestion of fasting or after practice. Generally three to four hours after a meal and drink into the liquid food or drink may be half an hour after practice, practice more scientific and 1 hour after eating; in practice yoga at least than 15 minutes to bathe. Different time to practice different content, such as posture morning to practice law, at noon to practice ponda the evening, to practice meditation and so on. Strive for every day practice at the same time.

5, practicing yoga exercises when Yichuan dress comfortably loose clothing, usually barefoot is best, if they feel cold, you can wear cotton socks.

6, auxiliary facilities practicing yoga does not require any special facilities, you can buy a mat, if there is carpet, shop towels can be a great article; mat should be supportive, too soft or too hard is bad, do not let at the foot of slip. In the indoor practice, is needed is an open space, no furniture hamper. To have a comfortable room temperature, without external interference.

7, pay attention to the matter before the yoga practice to remove your jewelry, watches, eye, contact lenses and other items make the body more comfortable and natural. Women during menstruation and pregnancy, four months later, not doing yoga links, then such a situation, many yoga methods should be stopped, have a choice of mild fitness to engage in other projects, such as walking. Yoga exercises for treatment of various gynecological diseases, is extremely effective in the women's health is also helpful. For example, menstrual disorders can be cured through yoga practice, pregnant women, the appropriate practice yoga can enhance physical fetus, and even contribute to pain-free birth. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old with a fitness campaign. Yoga therapy used in posture and body position to take on more animals, the name, some scholars have done physiological study, based on respiration, blood pressure, pulse records, selected cobra, bow, turtles, camels, bead spider, locusts and other positions. Because the human spine upright overburdened easily lead to low back pain and visceral ptosis, adopt animals, the natural posture can be achieved for therapeutic purposes.

Yoga Therapy 10 Effect:

l, to maintain and promote the system function normally.

2, strengthening the endocrine system function.

3, massage and strengthening of ministries, organs, so that a balanced function.

4, promote blood circulation, metabolism.

5, yoga breathing, adjusting the soul, and to extend the vitality.

6, adjust the spine, enhance flexibility.

7, weight loss and maintenance of the skin.

8, to enhance mental, spiritual energy, the mind of peace, tranquility.

9, excluding toxins.

10, mitigation and elimination of chronic diseases. Most people can practice yoga, including men, but medical authorities believe that yoga is not necessarily suitable for all children, especially children born with the muscles more tense.

I hope you trained in a pleasant
Turkish Iridium Yoga2010-03-10 04:33:12 +0000 #3
Personally, I prefer yoga, in addition to meditation can also Body, and not be so tired, and environment is very quiet, comfortable, I feel that yoga to your lumbar disc hernia perhaps it would have a little better, of course, whether it's yoga or aerobics, are needed to uphold. However, this depends on your own personal hobbies, like static or dynamic. Hope your lumbar disc hernia can quickly get better



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