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Hematuria 4 days after exercise appeared normal not?

cklkuang3ckl2010-03-10 14:10:43 +0000 #1
4 days after exercise sudden gross hematuria, I am 19 years old! However, once hematuria appeared. Hematuria occurred before and after the no! Yes painless hematuria! Is not exercise-induced hematuria! I think I will not forward Mody luck is not right, legend painless hematuria common one is for two kinds of exercise-induced hematuria, one is kidney cancer. My most important thing is to ask whether the next 4 days after exercise may have hematuria! There is still important, and I've had a history of exercise-induced hematuria! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
3,282,6132010-03-10 14:24:03 +0000 #2
There may be kidney stones
arena Taoist2010-03-10 14:18:04 +0000 #3
there are some athletes participate in training or competition, an increase in red blood cells in urine. Many sports can cause varying degrees of bleeding, its reasons:

① trauma: strenuous exercise so that the urinary system damage occurring directly or indirectly, in the run and jump when the jump due to riding more powerful, so that kidneys move up and down, while the waist severe buckling extension, so that pressure on the kidney, renal blood vessels were involved and distorted, thus causing renal hemorrhage. Leakage of red blood cells directly into the urinary tract from the wound in the. Found to have haematuria To find out the reasons, if other organic diseases, should be considered severity of treatment. If for the moment due to excessive movement, adjust the amount of exercise and strengthening of medical supervision can help prevent.

② glomerular 1:00 sexual dysfunction: mainly due to more vigorous exercise, when blood flow to the lower limbs, muscle, resulting in lack of glomerular blood supply to functional temporary barriers, which affect the filtration function of amines, resulting in red blood cells, leakage of protein and other substances.

NOTE: The above information is only for reading and reference, without any medical diagnosis and medical evidence. Please follow the doctor's advice, listen to the doctor arrangement, actively cooperate with medical treatment.



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