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Useful exercise to enhance sexual performance do!

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Useful exercise to enhance sexual performance do! Generally men how to increase sexual performance, and do not eat aphrodisiac, then what is the need to eat to fill ah?
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At present, many male friends because of a variety of domestic and international impotence drug efficacy and the pros and cons of specific know very little about a lot of friends when the status of their sexual problems after the blind to buy a variety of impotence drugs, in fact, This is extremely wrong. In order to let everyone in the future will no longer be counterfeit fool to spend less money wasted, this article will be published in my many years of major websites, especially the information Baidu Wikipedia concentration right to the information market, and people all the legends of the movement to enhance sexual performance make a systematic inductive conclusion. This article is a revised version, the contents of elegant re-evaluation of patient reading friend, believe it will have much to gain (Note: I have medical doctorate, and now in the country a higher medical institution Daiyanjiusheng, the school is professional and the article discusses the content-related male subjects professional).

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First of all, and now many of my friends for their special attention to the size of Yin stems, in fact, modern medicine has proven that men Yin is almost the size of the stem does not affect both sides to obtain sexual gratification, sexual gratification is the secret of skill and stamina. Therefore, we do not have to mind spending increases, and with the point of mind to improve their sexual skills and endurance is on the best policy.

The following entered the issues that are normal for everyone to see, hear, as well as all the legendary arena to enhance sexual performance sports products that do a system evaluation.

(The following describes the order of ranking according to the general public awareness)

(first broad categories: a good reputation and formal approval of the product)

(1) Viagra (Viagra)

Viagra should be what everyone is most familiar with medicine, best known here the first introduction.

Viagra function surely we all know, here I have to wordy tell us to take care of newcomers. Taking Viagra should not cause sexual - desires that its role is in the event of - an urge to want to help the ED in patients with normal erectile function.

Viagra is a drug, not health care products, there is a treatment in patients with erectile dysfunction. Viagra is the March 27, 1998 the formal announcement, FDA approved the adoption of the first treatment for male sexual dysfunction oral medicines. Since then, the little blue pill that have become very popular, so rich and powerful, youth is no longer the Banbai man regain vitality, pro-right-left holds hooked. In fact, in the practical process in which people also found that there is a certain degree of delay effect.

It sounds too good, and say that Viagra is a panacea for? Not. Erectile dysfunction in men with premature ejaculation, chance of serving Viagra effective 65% to 72%. Can not ensure that every patient has a very good results. Viagra is not for the premature ejaculation, impotence drugs, so that men can not be without reason of the erection, can not produce sex - want. Therefore, in normal men Viagra is not useful. Then you may ask me, if I want to extend the time can be good? So give an explanation within two minutes of ejaculation erection belonging to premature ejaculation, is an illness. More than two minutes, regardless of whether you can meet sexual partners. You can be sure that you are normal. Just need to increase your stamina and learn more about sex tips. So Viagra is suitable as a treatment drug, can not serve as medicinal aphrodisiac.

Viagra was originally a good medicine to see if suitable for your use, while taking Viagra have side effects, everything has its advantages have disadvantages, 'Viagra' would not only produce headaches, facial flushing, upset stomach in reaction; some people have serious side-effects of color blindness (3% probability of color blindness side effects), distinguish between blue and green. Alone in March 1998 to June, the world will be a total of 123 causes of taking a 'Viagra' side-effects caused deaths, of which 69 occurred in the United States provided. FDA survey found that 74% of the side-effects in patients with heart disease deaths is, therefore suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke records of people do not take 'Viagra', so as to avoid Xiji Health grief.

How to buy authentic?

10000 Viagra entered the domestic market for a long time, you are in the vicinity of the large pharmacies and online should be able to sale you can not quite understand the Baidu search for "Viagra" or "Viagra." Viagra's reputation too, competing fake and shoddy products, it is proposed to purchase the regular pharmacy or hospital. Price: 1 50 yuan to 99 yuan, 50 yuan lower than the generally fake. Viagra is the original price of U.S. 7 U.S. dollars one.

Benefits Viagra Summary: For patients with erectile dysfunction is indeed a blessing evident result.

Disadvantages: genuine marketing channels require a doctor's prescription, there are few side effects, prices high, more counterfeit products.

Recommended Level ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

(2), Cialis (Cialis)

only in the domestic well-known position, the Greek love of power is less than the second row. Because it is prescription drugs, so the surface world, and rare, so visibility is not too high. Here is the exclusive care of his brother, "Viagra" the blessing. Because they belong to a class medicine.

Of course they are different than Viagra Cialis city at night, and, like Viagra, Cialis is also used to treat erectile dysfunction patients. Applicability is almost no difference between Viagra, the difference is completely different ingredients, Cialis effective for longer than Viagra to 36 hours, the general ED patients within 1 day after taking the drug can maintain normal results.

Similarly, as the prescription drug Viagra, but also therapeutic drugs, the use of normal male is not only not effective, but harmful. Normal male can not be used as an aphrodisiac delay the use of the ingredients of Cialis 啦 was not his, the long-term use, then the heart will not damage the other unstable blood pressure of men can not take.

How to buy authentic?

To enter the domestic market, a few years, but also because it is a prescription medicine, so that domestic even not every hospital has a big point in the hospital should have, get a doctor's prescription to take.

The remaining channels is high and drugs, suggest that you do not buy. Cost will be around 80 yuan / tablets around.


merits: and the United States, like Viagra for the dial dysfunction in patients from the Gospel is indeed the result obvious effect of 36 hours also made products more attractive to keep.

Disadvantages: Viagra and the like, there are certain side effects, price high, the proliferation of counterfeit products.

Recommended Level ★ ★ ★ ★

(3) Van-Vincent, as well as with an extension of Van-Vincent ingredient products (Van-Vincent)

the Van-Vincent ranked third presumably there had been no comments , this is a very recent domestic speculation external delay spray of fire. Everywhere fried very powerful, very much sought-after, but to truly understand people, to be low.

Van-Vincent deployment process to the present or confidential, is Hong Kong GMC's flagship product, market a few years, almost no coverage because of the use of Van-Vincent-related adverse reflection of Americans have in front of two kinds of R & D, Van -Vincent at the time was the first Asian companies invented world products, in fact, Van-Vincent for the first time come out was only one year later than Viagra.

A true Van-Vincent is now recognized by the medical profession one of the components of effective external delay, composition action principle is to create glans local mucosal (similar to hand cocoon), to reduce the friction does not produce the physical pleasure, without the risk of any pleasure degree under the premise of raising the intensity of stimulation to stimulate ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse.

Specific principle: doctors found that premature ejaculation in patients with relatively normal male glans glans skin delicate and sensitive skin and should be, with the onset of Viagra through the blood of different, generally with the Van-Vincent one cycle (about 15ml), Yin stems during intercourse and vagina in the friction time of a marked increase in the surface of the glans gradually formed a layer of the stratum corneum to protect the glans and the extension of time to play a role. The hands and the callouses on the reasoning similar sound to their advantage. Due to the formation of a layer of cuticle, using a cycle of about reducing the use of Van-Vincent, the time will be more than the original never used a long time. Therefore, an excellent improvement effect of premature ejaculation.

However, body type and sensitivity of the glans penis itself is different from the use of effects are not the same. According to Singapore's modern medical journal reported data is the average delay 19 minutes. Minimum delay of 12 minutes, the longest 49 minutes (Note: based on the original extension of time), Van-Vincent is currently selling well in Southeast Asia, as a mass product, is now Van-Vincent more diversified product development, such as the extension of when you have added ingredients to stimulate the vaginal wall effects, etc..

Well, now you will ask, Van-Vincent, and just above the two kinds of drugs, what a different place? The answer is that they are completely two different types of products. Van-Vincent is a pure delay liquid spray, if Yin stems can not be an erection, is used to no avail. Thus, Van-Vincent can only help to extend the time for male friends, while for male erectile disorders is absolutely null and void (that is Viagra and Cialis for effect).

How to buy authentic?

Van-Vincent early years, the absence of approval, trafficked in China have been smuggled to the mainland is only a small number of high-end clubs, has access to production approval in China and the establishment of the mainland subsidiary, at the official website can be purchased for the price of classic seems is more than 100 yuan or so, perhaps you can use dozens of times (this is the source of Van-Vincent in the most official website of the price), some local underground market has Chaodao 300 (cycle loaded fired up to 760). It is therefore proposed to buy a friend a number of sources to buy relatively safe. Baidu could not find a friend where you can enter the "Van-Vincent official" search, it should find sources of information related to net sales.


advantages: Because it is outside the spray, no side effects, clarity soluble liquid, with the glans mucosa increased (one cycle) to stop the use of a single inexpensive

drawback: The Yin stems can not be ineffective in patients with erectile

Recommended Level ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

for the first time major categories conclusion: In fact, there are many varieties of the first category, where 11 is not listed, they talk about three representative, more The people can go to the relevant understanding of male subjects)

(the second largest category: the domestic market, a common product now)

(1), known as "Yin increased stem XX cm" "impotence" "Delay" "help Bo "" maintenance "of the universal kidney aphrodisiac

This is a helpless people category, someone who knew one look at the fraud, keep in mind that adult males can not in any way other than through the surgery so that Yin stem increased, while there seems to be such a panacea, the hospital will be closed. Dodo brain know that is basically impossible, deplorable Also actually fooled a lot. Male friends are caught in this psychological side is eager to restore its former glory.

These drugs have the following characteristics: known as the development of foreign imports, a household name in Europe and America simply sell crazy, how much how much the market has done quite a beautiful site, a set of pseudo-theories, plus a large number of terms put together a professional In any case, people can not read the best, plus a number of beautiful pictures, and even the genital anatomy have to spend a. In addition, ultimately, do not know where did you get a bunch of lab photos, foreigners (with black and white) photographs of wear robes. Coupled with a series of known experts in interpretation, to put it Yunliwuli's. "Increase" "impotence" "Delay" "help Bo" "maintenance", he will do everything, omnipotent, ah?

So how about the fact that it? Most of these enhanced movement of sexuality, or have a certain effect, but definitely not what they say. As far as I know, most of the ingredients of these products are maintenance of components, the ingredients are still at stake Ziyin kidney. But also limited to this only. In fact, inside the component materials, many of which are common nourishment drugs, pharmacies in hospitals a few dollars a dozen dollars can buy.

For the exquisite packaging, plus a set of Huyou, the price turned hundreds of thousands of times. (With some male friend who had then, is the feeling of good energy, and sexual performance also improved, but in fact is a simple kidney before might have to eat a little kidney medicine, natural feeling would get better, of course, they go to general hospitals, so that doctor gives you, you may also more than 10 yuan, but also symptomatic medication).

I have friends in Europe, I have also visited the United States spent a period of time. Known as the domestic market well-known drugs in the United States and Europe, there simply no one knows. Some shrewd businessmen sites are registered abroad. Do not understand, looked really easy to believe.

Recommended Level ★

(2) known as "China-made Viagra", "Plant Viagra" type

This classification is a matter of fact there are many of the names to see if the total is characterized by both claim to have the effect of Viagra, but because it is domestically produced, the price is is very low and the like and so on, or is a pure plant ingredients without side-effects.

These drugs, I can only say one thing: genuine Pfizer's Viagra is produced by the United States and other production plants are all under the banner of the name of counterfeit Viagra. Of course, China is now able to produce Viagra, types of products, but the name certainly is not called the Viagra of the.

Because the composition of Viagra is open, so a lot of has been called "pink Viagra" things circulating in the underground market, bought a powder, go back to their own processing, a name, an XX Viagra came out, do not think that this is workshop will do, almost to seek the so-called big burst of proprietary Chinese medicine was the actual product is Viagra powder, such products, said the effectiveness and Viagra is not too bad at low prices, but the security is not protected, and is taken orally , side effects will be forever unresolved questions.

Of course, many old comrades holding do a count once the psychological, can be a try.

Recommended Level ★ ☆

(3) a variety of delay outside the oil impotence.

This part of the external use spray, ointment, wipes, do not have the active ingredients. I have casual interest in pursuing X fort bought several, such prices are generally cheaper. 50, the component that is mostly of alcohol (which can be disinfected), there are also water-soluble Azone (as used in cosmetics ingredients, there is moisture function), menthol (cool lubrication), since the name is too diverse.

Summary: In addition to psychological suggestion, the no practical use, for Shasha bacteria, softens skin and is also OK. Have no harmful effects.

Recommended Level ★ ★

II Summary: I have said above is not perfect, the market is actually a lot of good things, and now sexual products the market, quite a mixed bag. We understand some basic common sense and choose up should be easier.

(The third largest category, the people and rivers and lakes legend class)

(1) Liushen

Liushen ranked No. 1 in this category, must have the least controversial. Indeed, because of his popularity high enough. But the thing about this is indeed incorrectly relay erroneous messages. The dangers of this drug, you will not imagine how much less than yo. Why? Listen to me now slowly come.

Liushen has a very nice nickname, "the civilian population of Viagra" In fact, he does have a delay effect. But the philosophy behind it is just glans numbness. Similarly long-term use can also cause premature ejaculation, but these are not his most evil place.

Liushen is family medicine, one standing, mainly from the bezoar, musk, Toad, realgar, borneol, pearl Liuwei drugs, has a heat-clearing and detoxifying, reduces swelling, pain and other effects, with easy to wear, efficient, quick and so on. In recent years, through pharmacological studies, found that there Liushen cardiac, anti-panic and calm and enhance immunity and so on.

However, if the abuse Liushen could easily lead to adverse reactions, serious even life-threatening. People who have not yet attracted sufficient attention.

Liushen containing toad venom and its active ingredients for toad toxins. Once the abuse, will be poisoned, either taking too much time, while others had many. Poisoning from the medication time is 20 minutes fast, slow is 0.5

2 hours, the individual in 12 hours or more, thus a need to strictly control the indication and dose. Should be used with caution in children; newborn disabled.

Liushen There is also a toxic side effect, that is, cause allergic reactions. This has nothing to do with the dosage, and whether taken orally, for external use were to happen.

In addition, musk and other ingredients contained Liushen can cause contraction of the uterus, so pregnant women, disabled. And contain realgar, in order to arsenic compounds, is not appropriate to Zhuxiaohuayao Multienzyme and pepsin combined, nor with anti-anemia drug Fuma iron plates with the clothes, otherwise they will drop efficiency or failure; is even more inappropriate and spasmolytic analgesics Atto combined with other materials, otherwise it will encourage realgar oxidation and increase toxicity.

Now, a lot of abuse Liushen already beginning to show the harm caused by the use of more than one year premature ejaculation symptoms of male friends have been very serious (not ruled out poisoning reflected), Yin stems and some have already begun lesions. And so on.

Summary: Do not use the call everyone.

Recommended Level ☆

(2) were the early users of the oil

says: 10 yuan 3 package. Open the bags and paper towels are the same things. It then takes a paper towel on the foreskin to the touch. 10 minutes of pre-cast bar. Effectiveness. Serious glans numbness, more low-end of topical aphrodisiac is the case. Basically, no feeling.

Not feeling what kind of an idea? This has seriously affected your Yin stems, and may be unaware of your circumstances.

Recommended Level: ★

(3) Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Shui

Patchouli righteousness of water mainly for controlling the degree of nervous excitement, and one can hardly be any effect, but also special hard drinking, estimated in mind if you want to be effective at least have to drink 34.

the most critical question is not here, a large number of take Huoxiangzhengqi water, you get the time extended at the same time, will damage internal organs, especially the spleen and stomach. The price is too high.

Recommended Level: ★

(4) animal male sex organ

live sex organs of animals, such as the testes and so on, does contain a considerable male hormone. Male friends can help improve sexual performance.

However, after heating cooked and gastric digestion, almost all of these substances will disappear, your body does not produce even a little bit less affected. In addition to filling the stomach right away to improve sexual performance to have much effect, but because it is Sibu, eating is also harmless.

Recommended Level: ★ ★

III Summary: Legend of most rivers and lakes are not credible, or that a high hazard. Otherwise, if someone holds the hands of the real effect of a very good recipe, who would tell everyone do?

Time is so short text summary, with regard to the movement to enhance sexual performance can only write about so little. There are deficiencies in the local I hope you correct me. Welcome to the comments, there do not understand you can ask me. Finally send you one sentence: do not let our body of men, their little brother.

Solid essence is the fundamental life every man can produce sperm quantity is limited. Do not attempt to increase the frequency of sex, should improve the quality of each sex. Otherwise, it is a waste of your life (from the 20-year-old began to count, to 60. An average of two or three times a week, probably a lifetime of about 5000 can be injection, injection time, less time. So, do not waste every ejaculation) .



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