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Winter training schedule

'尛 ﹏ hua H ˙2010-03-15 23:11:19 +0000 #1
time to have exercise time.
664,124,8072010-03-15 23:27:30 +0000 #2
Your situation is to strengthen the focus on protein and carbohydrate intake, intake of these two should be together, the glycogen can be used as a carrier protein help the body to absorb. Protein intake in the morning must eat two eggs, oatmeal can buy some food, as long as you do not feel terrible, on eating more whole grains are good for the digestive system of the body, in addition to other eggs, there is a good protein intake red meat, fish, such as beef is a good source of protein, only to add enough energy to a long muscle, or practice no more use to me, like high school.

Parallel bars is a good training tool for the pectoral muscles to stimulate the well, and right deltoid muscle after the beam, triceps and that is very exciting results, but very much in line with your request.

100 meters sprint regarded as anaerobic training, pairs of muscles and strength of the explosive growth of very good practice can be more than 100 meters sprint, it can be a 50-meter sprint, 30 meters sprint and so on, you look at the muscles of those one hundred meters trapeze know.

Exercise time can be at any time, as long as you have the time, but it must have laws, such as two days a cycle, today's practice push-ups, parallel bars, training tomorrow's 100 meters sprint, cross-training, not a muscle exercises every day, will abandon the practice The. Do not recommend that you use heavy weight, especially for the novice coach in the absence of guidance from the weight of the blind is very easy to hurt, big weight on the muscles may be very effective, but the pressure and wear and tear on the joints are also high.

Eating area has just said, the morning cup of milk, two eggs is very necessary because the nutrition of the most important person per day is the morning of that meal.



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