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Done push-arm big arm pain. Chest pain is also

huohua28642010-03-16 05:11:21 +0000 #1
I am really nothing to eat stays in. Test fitness test tomorrow afternoon, when nothing tried the push-ups. Has done a more than 30 now can be done one arm and chest aches fitness test tomorrow, when we supposed to do push-ups ah Jisi me
315,500,4022010-03-16 05:26:50 +0000 #2
哈哈 - a friend is very simple! From now on a break to do for ourselves to find someone to help massage the best of course! But they still come to be on the list! From now on at night to eat meat! Never! Lean! Beef is the best! See my answer from your bag of milk to drink from. Then add the body nutrition is actually to eat meat! Then at night before bed drink a bag of milk! To get up early tomorrow to eat a small amount of starch in-kind fruit + milk = 40 + or more! To do push-ups key point is to lure the potential of your own body! For instance you do 30 is the limit to tell it in the coming five finish in the coming five to leave it on went on to say in the coming five lobbied enough after 40 and then stopped to tell yourself to a few ... ... is more cow B! I often was doing - the most successful lure from 30 to 50 only the Extreme! Can really enhance their own (I am now easy to row 100) Do not think they are doing 100 on the multi - if you exercise you can easily reach

I believe you have no problem! Brothers Do not lose face in front ah -39 women and 40 can be different in their hearts Oh, I see you are OK! Now do what I say by filling bar!

Pure hands to fight to ensure effective!
jk72208502010-03-16 05:47:15 +0000 #3
bath Eat and then go to bed and I have a feeling, but I do not have my 100 pushups a day once, twice a night to do an interval of 3 minutes bar. Now no feeling



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