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Baituo help me to develop a plan bar higher! ! !

savage little girl MM2010-03-16 19:10:10 +0000 #1
I am 16 years old 啦, woman! Now about 157, you would like to grow to 163-165 Baituo brother and sister brother and sister help me, I really hope that tall! ! No matter how tired I am able to adhere to, as long as not too complicated, and there do not copy, ha! ! Simply put, the best first-hand experience. What to eat every day is the winter vacation, do the movement of those! ! It is really effective! ! I will thank him for his lifetime of

There are no points the first owes you, I'll go make
pyanwei32010-03-16 19:20:44 +0000 #2
157 .. ..

I can be me any 18-year-old male was 1.64 meters ... . (15-year-old was developing. is now 18 years old)

The New Year's Day before or 1.63.

New Year's Day after to the present. .. I have a 1.64 (at night before bed volume)

surprise ah. are no longer a more than a year!!. .

I was so exercise your own ....

8:00 or earlier every morning wash up and brush their teeth ... a cup of warm water.

to out run the ... (jogging oh)

fled to the mountains at the foot of on the mountain ... so jump in the mountains. Mogao. kicks ..

and then to the playground to run 1,000-meter lap.

This is not what is the total fitness equipment, Mody?

can play under the ah. as long as more than the waist. the left leg to play the role of exercise. ...

on the next play there. is to jump the stairs ..

simply means that when the exercise ......

Do not walk, jog .. really ... tired, then on the walk kicks.

Mogao. hop. tired, rest .. no digital restrictions on ... (oh my)

Running 1000 meters ... dancing under the stairs 50 stairs ... best mountains. ..

monument, there was the stairs .. I am a two step jump ...

2 ladder to eat it ..!!

Breakfast is the most important .... the most attention of foreign eating breakfast the morning ..

Exercise also came back at the most 9:30 ..

to buy milk ... and then their own cooking an egg ... (Do not eat eggs. you can not absorb.)

on the way to eat!!!! protein N more ...

went to sleep at night, to listen to ideas to increase ...

cool dogs have to download ....

This is my plan ... I have been going ...

If I were still a long high. I came back to tell you ...
yu Mao's wings2010-03-16 19:43:25 +0000 #3
a day insist on eating breakfast, (with a nutrition Oh) Daily adhere to exercise, as well as maintain adequate sleep at night because the bones began to grow after ten . The best day, hanging suspended parallel bars.



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