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13-year-old child seeking a dumbbell exercise program, experts into

Aoaoeo ah ah ah2010-03-16 19:10:24 +0000 #1
My 13-year-old, 171CM 60Kg or so, only a pair of 5 kg dumbbell how can I exercise? ? Best to give a specific method and video.
qd8141372010-03-16 19:26:59 +0000 #2
13-year-old --- 171 --- quite high are suitable for playing basketball -

I answered a few 16-year-old you can Kanxia my answer -- -.


This is inside the action to explain - there are action plans - motion pictures -. And video that is about it bar -

There is - a day to do actions like 3-4 - and 2-4 to do an action group - a group to do the number of - to consider their own time this action --- can do the maximum amount of two thirds.

weekly rest two days - to ease muscle fatigue - usually in weeks 3 and 6 weeks, or exercise 2-3 days rest --- rest day ---
JackJonesqwe2010-03-16 19:34:48 +0000 #3
13-year-olds in the growth and development of a critical period, since you have already 171cm, and describe your 咱 peers belonging to high, and 5 kg dumbbells just for you! You can lie flat to the bed, the arms raised, vertical, to dumbbells for barbells, and do what I push, you can exercise upper limb, but also do chest! Dumbbell no fixed pattern, even if you can be walking around holding exercise! When using dumbbells to do the movements feel good piece of muscle tension is the piece of muscle has been tempered, it can do to find out more!



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