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peixianzhe62010-03-16 22:10:03 +0000 #1
I am 16 years old, practiced 3 months, weight 12-pounds, and now stands 174cm, 67KG, looked thin, muscular lines of the more obvious, but only a rough a lot of arm and shoulder, back, chest, long little Mon Closed, Tue shoulder, back, Wednesday, Thursday humerus 3, Fri rest, brachial two Saturdays, Sundays chest (I only have Sunday to go to the gym 0, Sun training 2 hours, the rest are in the schools to use the lunch break training more than 1 hours, 11:40 school, 1:40 to go to school, which also have lunch, want to chest, back to practice, common chest, supine barbell elected group of 8-12RM 10 Butterfly Machine 8-12RM 10 groups,

sitting dumbbell-elected 8-12RM10 group, the back wide-grip chin-up 8-12RM 10 group, single-arm rowing 8-12RM 10 group, but grow very little, could you help me find what to do in order to have up to the chest and back muscles
I play at 5552010-03-16 22:13:08 +0000 #2
pectoral suggest that you not do 10 groups, making 4,5 a movement, do four groups of 8-12 months, flat-lying under the ramp onto the ramp, clamp the chest, again a dumbbell elected on the line, and the weight appropriate to control the 8-12 months, but can not do too much weight on that for you, if you want to ask protein powder, creatine, that I have not eaten, but understand some suggested may not eating, chest, or better practice in my opinion,



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