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Seeking a set of winter exercise program, professional best

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tzluxiang2010-03-17 03:22:39 +0000 #2
combine your lifestyle and experiences of the above, I think this is good:

1 in the morning warm-up jogging for 15 minutes (actually allow you to develop a the habit of work and rest time, and if sleep at night, in the sure to get up on a cold day);

2, dinner after a 1 hour after exercise (venue in the bedroom, their own arrangements). Exercise four times a week, each exercise for 1 hour.

5-minute warm-up before running away (really cold weather to avoid a), then push-ups 15 (standard, wait a minute to do), do five groups; and then do squat, or squat on one leg 12 times, five groups; chin upward (in the safety of the hammock frame or door frame to do.) 12 times, doing three groups; and then do sit-ups, 20 times, doing three groups; the end, you spend 10 minutes to themselves (sitting beside the bed or sitting bed) Massage the chest, leg, shoulder muscles, stretch ligaments.



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