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Dumbbell exercise methods

Chen Congcong onions2010-03-17 03:10:55 +0000 #1
I am a High School student, studying every night after completing training. I have a pair of dumbbells, think about practice very muscular.

Have done before the birds for some time, but not standard, the muscles do not look good.

Please master teach me how to do bench press, birds and so on. More details
zsfbwan2010-03-17 03:25:51 +0000 #2
Communication can not seem to see concrete action plans novice here for more practical action bar essentials text with Plate % 3D1% 26amp% 3Bfilter% 3Ddigest & page = 1
no tail mouse2010-03-17 03:43:46 +0000 #3
the need is clear is that different people are not the same as the shape muscles, if you have the opportunity to look at pictures of food restaurants will find this point. Bench press and birds are used to well-developed pectoralis major, but the body's muscles are too many we can not exercise a single, or in the future will be very co-ordination. I'll give you the following actions have introduced some dumbbells can not replace, and gave you as a reference, want to help you: (Also, do a detailed fitness program is important, you can look at my previous post where in the fitness the answer)

arm in front of the biceps is the biceps bulge. Basic movements: 1, 2 crook of the arm move, this action can stand can also be sitting, the positive and negative grip dumbbells, barbells a number of ways. 2 upper arm is important to bear quote two axillary, using the force of contraction in the biceps to the chest do Bend your hands. 2, the backhand narrow grip pull-ups, but also the use of the power of biceps contraction to achieve training objectives. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times).

Arm behind the triceps is the triceps bulge. Enhancing your arm triceps muscles make clear. Basic movements: one, there are pros and cons of grip two movements, lying face down on a stool in a wide, hands and shoulder width, and grasping the barbell on the move, and then the elbow as a fulcrum, slowly bend back to the top of the head and then use the triceps of the contractile force to the barbell back to the in-situ. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times).

The shoulder deltoid muscle is the deltoid muscle is divided into pre-beam, the beam after beam. Basic movements: 1, before the beam, holding a dumbbell or a barbell on the front, grip and shoulder width, arm lift force level before the move, so that the arm and body into a 90-degree (training six groups, each with 12-15 sub - ). 2, the beam, holding a dumbbell at your side, the side arm held flat to the top of the head from both sides of the lift. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times). 3, post-beam, two par with the wide grip barbell, the barbell on the back of the neck, pushed upward cantilevers from the bar, and then slowly bent arm, will be placed behind the neck barbell shoulder in situ. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times).

Lumbar abdominal muscles abdominal muscles is more difficult to train the muscles to work harder. Basic movements: 1, inclined plate sit-ups, this action will not say any more. 2, supine leg raise, lie flat on a bench, his hands grasp the stool head, with the strength of contraction of the waist after the body bent legs lifted. 3, 2 on, lie flat on a bench, arm and legs are straight, straight-arm swing, to hip as a fulcrum, upper body and legs at the same time folded hands to touch the toes on the move. 4, neck load bow to the bar on the back of the neck, and slowly bend forward and legs into the body 90 degrees, and then use the waist forces to restore in situ. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times).

Big leg muscle basic movements: 1, posterior weight-bearing squat, the barbell cross arm on his shoulders, his legs open and the shoulder width, squat and breathe, and then stand up to the strength of the quadriceps. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times). 2, anterior weight-bearing squat, barbell placed on the chest clavicle extract parts, gently folded knees, try to be squatting to big leg up. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times). To increase the load, heel cushions in a 5 - 6 cm brick or wood.

A small leg muscle of small leg muscle fitness standards excel at, such as the diamond "Diamond." Basic movements: 1, toes, two toes on the ground to stand above the 5 - to 10 centimeters in wood or brick, the first heel slowly sink to the ground, and then forced to mention sharp heel Dianqi Jiao, improve the body center of gravity location, to tighten the buttocks and thigh muscles. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times)

pectoralis major pectoralis major is a relatively large body, one of a few muscles, relatively speaking, better training. Basic movements: 1, lying face down on the birds lying in a wide bench, hands armed with a dumbbell with both hands on the move, and then slowly started on both sides of the body, just like the bird flapping its wings in flight in general. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times) 2, bench press lie flat on a wide bench, his hands clenched on the move after the barbell and slowly release to the nipple at the top, and then forcefully pushed, this action should be two cooperation in the protection of another person to do. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times). 3, push-ups to enhance the degree of difficulty can be put into a 45-degree angle to improve foot tilt on the back or neck to place heavy overload training, so that full stretch pectoralis major. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times)

have developed latissimus dorsi latissimus dorsi, the person's trunk, showing a "V" shaped, like an open fan. Basic movements: 1, pull-up, wide-grip chin-up neck, the body will not shake, and then bent arm pull-up, this action be most effective. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times) 2, overlooking the boating legislation, people waist bent 90 degrees, hold the barbell with both hands hang down, and then pull the barbell to the waist, Ping Zhu a while, so that the back force. (Training six groups, each 12-15 times). 3, in a special combination of equipment and training.
zmy78406662010-03-17 03:58:50 +0000 #4
believed to have been the article was reproduced here to give you

but I suggest you read according to their own circumstances to exercise their right way

birds may not be right for you right chest exercise is not complete

see you every day in order to push Start each group finished 4-8 after 12 stretch what do do bird

pectoral chest up and down two sub-sectors to see where you would like to address the upper

45 degrees can be done lying on the inclined bench dumbbell bench press sub-bottom is also under

inclined 45 degrees in the inclined bench dumbbell bench press do sub



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