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How to excel at in 2 months, muscular?

phdf442010-03-17 08:10:23 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old, 160cm, 60kg, want to be muscular. Multi-abdominal fat. I am not afraid of hardship, we have that there is no gym, bar us out of an idea! Must be very fit! 20 reward is not a white-out!
315,500,4022010-03-17 08:15:41 +0000 #2
哈哈 - brother of pure hand hit the same conditions as you and me only my 21 years old. Much larger than you. Muscle should be considered peers for outstanding had taught. Ah really happy for you, because you actually have a 15-year-old to think so. Is really very good.

OK nonsense to do more than say Paul you do not press the issue!

To get up early: running. To exhaustion. Benefits: reduction of abdominal fat, increased thigh muscle contours! In particular, increasing the height of Oh! He walked every day to remember! So you do not run instances of at least the length of 2-3 cm, which are closely related to the future of the Do not underestimate the 2-3 cm Oh!

Noon: push-ups, (depending on time to do their own conditions, such as a maximum of 10 then every 5 with 3 sets 1-minute intervals) 2 months after the refining you based on this increase by at least 30 in each group the number of time Your muscles will already quite substantial. .

Evening: very important! Items do not eat do not eat greasy fried items. Food category vegetables and lean meat, mainly beef, the best class! If this is the time to restore the body to continue to do push-ups on the body is very good!

If you do not resume until the sit-up and also to the exhaustion!

2 months down the line. . . . Zhuang you if you do not find something I said. I dare not guarantee the abdominal muscles is difficult to Nawan Yi Lian, and the need to frequently stimulate the president out of it before. 2 months, but if you really do as I say should also be no problem at least would be useful to change your Xiaodu Zi



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