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With regard to third-year height

you still Lianzhuo2010-03-17 10:10:47 +0000 #1
Today, I graduated from junior high, but still 6 months after the height is 1.66 will not be long

I'll exercise what to do if

I intend to go to high school reported that a Tae Kwon Do -

hope that we help to talk about after meals and exercise have changed and when to do
ying8908062010-03-17 10:26:51 +0000 #2
boys? To 20-year-old is chairman of the

playing basketball ah, we should drink milk and soy milk

do not look yellow film, that would affect your growth hormone, will Changbu Gao's
a1200562582010-03-17 10:17:53 +0000 #3
man woman? Woman on the full normal male of the ... After a bit short, but not Chang ... height is not determined by genetic comparison of more, acquired a reasonable exercise can stimulate the body to make a body of high growth stage is also different people vary ... not the same, I have seen 22-year-old still in sheets! As long as your attention to the growing season at all levels of exercise, nutrition, abundant, there is a regular life, you have no problem ^ _ ^) Y quickly tall bar



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