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Does riding a bicycle, how many hours a day in order to play a training role?

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Cycling Fitness law, including aerobic cycling method, intensity-based cycling method, power-based cycling method, intermittent cycling method and soles of the feet cycling method.

Aerobic cycling France: The medium-speed cycling, there are generally a continuous ride for 30 minutes or so, keeping in mind that Canada take a deep breath, increased heart and lung function is very good, there are effects on weight loss.

Intensity-based cycling method: first is to require a good ride every time the speed, followed by the provisions of its own to control the riding speed pulse intensity, so that people can effectively exercise the cardiovascular system.

Power-type bicycle law: that is, under different conditions, forced to go riding, such as uphill, downhill, so you can effectively improve the quality of the legs of the power or endurance, but also can effectively prevent the generation thigh bone disorders.

Intermittent cycling method: In cycling, the first slow-riding a few minutes, and then ride a few minutes fast, then slow, then fast, and so alternating cycle of exercise, can effectively train a person's heart.

Soles of the feet bike law: feet hearts site (ie, Yongquan) contact with bicycle pedals bicycle, you can play the role of massage points. Specifically, this includes: a pedal car, the other legs are not forced to drive a bike forward a foot, each time a pedal car 30 to 50, under the wind, or uphill when you exercise, a better effect.

Health, Fat Burn campaign varied, pedal a bike at the gym is a good choice. However, should pay attention to the movement of time, not too little and too much is not. In the gym, stationary bike of the most popular, because when you exercise can not only sitting up there watching television, listening to music, or even a fixed horizontal bike is also equipped with a backrest, which is very comfortable.

Fitness were conducted through the stationary bicycle aerobic exercise, in the movement 20 to 30 minutes before, the consumption of the human body by the Food and converted into glycogen. 30 minutes after the exercise, the body began to break down body fat. Less than 40 minutes of stationary cycling, although able to play a certain exercise cardiopulmonary effects, but it does not consume more fat.

If the stationary bicycle pedal more than an hour, the body will be metabolized more muscle, rather than weight loss body sculpting those who want to lose fat. But the human body the more muscle, metabolism, only the more calories out, so it is not easy to gain weight.

A long time to ride a bicycle or stationary bicycle with sedentary as simple as that could result in "lower body" local congestion. If the stationary bicycle seat adjustment is not good, perineal numbness may also occur discomfort, perineal pain.

Chronic prostatitis patients do not choose the best stationary bicycle for exercise, choose an oval device, climbing equipment etc.
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Actually, in order to maintain good health, then to work every day is enough if we are to exercise, then 2,3 hours on the hate more



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