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Some people say that movement at night is good, true?

kll252010-03-17 10:11:12 +0000 #1

yjguanghui2010-03-17 10:14:16 +0000 #2
sports medicine from the perspective of the evening sports and more scientific. As long as the master exercise intensity, people will sleep better at night running incense.

Mild fatigue, sports medicine has proven that just a break in the morning when you just up the body functioning of all organs are still at a low level, this time training, cardiovascular function for the more vulnerable people who are more dangerous. The activity of the human body at night, were fully developed, this time running, the body adapt more easily to exercise rhythm.

From the external environment, the latest research shows that the highest index of the early morning air, carbon dioxide, and suspended in the air the day before the dust has not completely disappeared, this time movement, much less at night a good environment.

In addition, at moderate exercise produced a slight fatigue sweet sleep needs to disarm, which makes the quality of sleep after exercise greatly enhanced, so worried about movement of sleep is not justified.

Evening workout from a walk starting

According to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine at night running fitness, preferably adhere to more than 3 times a week, every 30-60 minutes. Exercise intensity should be mastered in the "pulse after 5 minutes running no more than 120 times / min, 10 minutes after no more than 100 times / min" range. If the heart rate too fast, you must reduce the amount of exercise; if one side can exercise while talking with others, then the statement can still exercise intensity.

Do not exercise habits can walk 20 minutes a day beginning from the start, the second week of walking 25 minutes; in the third week to 30 minutes; the fourth week, add some jogging; fifth week of walking, jogging and try; the final slow jogging together.

All the movements need to do preparatory activities for the evening, running is no exception. Jiao Wei said light stretching before running, doing the squat, allowing faster access to the heart and muscle state of motion. If you start walking a few steps, then brisk walking, trotting, finally started to run, but also an effective warm-up.

Running, the pace slightly larger, chest, abdomen, visual front, the upper body slightly leaning forward, his arms swing naturally at your sides, focused and natural breathing evenly.

Running passenger traffic to make choice few, ventilation, air a good parks and trails, schools, playgrounds and other places, and preferably mud, grass and other flexible surface.


While the need for frequent changing intensity of the evening is not running, but the shoes still fit, soft bottom, it is best put on a special running shoes, so better able to buffer stress and reduce the risk of joint injuries. Running shoes can one wear in 2012, often a change of benefit to correct running posture.

If you finish the steps and feet with warm water 15-20 minutes, enabling feet vasodilatation, promote blood circulation, make people more susceptible Rumeng Xiang.

However, child's cry, Guizaijianchi oh ---
Black Fortress 2642010-03-17 10:18:03 +0000 #3
vary. If excessive movement will make people too tired at night, affecting sleep. Some people but because sports are tired, sleep more fragrant. Light of their own situation. 4,5 points, the best sports general afternoon, it was more exciting motor sports good results



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