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What simple instruments can be used to complete basic physical training?

Moon Emperor2010-03-17 14:11:59 +0000 #1

winderflier2010-03-17 14:23:11 +0000 #2

push-ups, with three chairs on the chest muscles can be fully trained. Stays in the two hands were a chair, feet on the third to the chair.


with an electronic sit-ups, lying leg Gentie to the back of the buttocks to do

horizontal bar, chin-up

legs: squat, almost no equipment, you can hand dumbbell weight.

Do all of the above movements are exhausted, worn out so far, and persevered.
mytosam2010-03-17 14:19:05 +0000 #3

Floor mats extravagant. Sit-ups, push-ups. . If there is a chance playing the sandbags. These are in the chamber. Sports Guizaijianchi.
Rain seed ww2010-03-17 15:11:19 +0000 #4
barbell ah, sandbags (that is, that one can not tie the feet or hands), jumping rope, rubber bands (a little longer, preferably a little more than twice the height can be used to stretch the muscles) . Those on the same subject.



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