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Find an aerobics music

111 experts question2010-03-23 22:11:21 +0000 #1
The aerobics dance hall music is someone else recorded, there are many songs and music, including "I only care about you", the other songs are forgotten. This recording has an hour long, is under Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, North Parkview's central square, 7:00 to start playing every night, and end at about 8:00, there are many people while listening to music and dancing, I would like to find this segment recording, you can put in the home. Hope you look for expert help and found the sound file, please put hair in my mailbox. My mailbox is

If you help to find, I will add 50 reward points.

If you do not, I have to go where that person's mp3 copy, please teach me how to copy the.
A Tornado Clouds2010-03-23 22:24:17 +0000 #2
to select the file you want to copy (whether music or a document or video or other), and then right-click "Copy" option, in the place where you want to copy to the click Right "Paste" option to complete the copy of the work. If you need to Select All, then press ctrl + A

to select the file you want to copy, and then right-click "Copy" (ctrl + c) option, on your hard drive to find a place to copy right-click "Paste" (ctrl + v) option to complete the copy of the work. In brackets for the shortcut.

Document has been sent right choice can also be used to copy, and then repeat the point again in the hard disk, right-point pasting can!



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