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I am 16 years old 啦, a meter 69 ... How can we increase ah? Come

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mechanics increased France

As long as human beings are somehow abnormal and back bending. If such a (not the normal curve) correction, then the ministries of the joints will be stretched to make your highly increased, you should not underestimate the joints by bending into a long straight to the amount of the body's joints are so many little plot into a more, of course, considerable.

Mechanical therapy, not only for polio and paraplegia a significant effect, at the same time be able to severe the cat back and O-feet, and to the spine back to normal, so turn for the better posture and increase height. In addition, treatment of women can also be physical flow, and cold springing. Therefore, engaged in the beauty of women's gymnastics is increasing. Implemented three times a day as long as 3 months later, at least 3 cm tall, will become Graceful posture can be said to achieve both beauty gymnastics.

(A) of the feet close together and legs straight standing, put one leg back away half a step, and then upper body bent forward, do not bend the knee, so that your fingers can touch the ground up, so straight doing 15

20 times. This action will enable the lines of the thigh and knee soft and beautiful, so well-proportioned legs around.

(B) of the feet to open 30 to 60 cm, to stand upright, put one leg to the back half a step, then the upper body twisted, so that your fingertips can reach the other side of the toe. And stays at 10 to 15 times. This action can make two lines of beautiful soft wrist, waist circumference reduced and correct the bending of spinal column.

(3) feet to open 60 to 70 cm, to one leg to the back half a step, and then raised his arms, and shoulder, with high, and then put his arms horizontally to the back rejection. To reverse the direction of the legs 7 times, to reverse the direction of short-legged 4 times. This is something which can make tight waist, posture charming.

(D) of the face to the wall, maintaining 30 cm distance to stop and a leg to the back half a step, heel open, so that toe towards the inside, then both his hands on the wall, Ting Qixiong Department, to the buttocks backward protruding posture, feet close together with two knee flexion-extension legs. Stays at 20 to 50 times. This action will enable femoral joint with the translocation, can be cured legs asymmetrical faults, but also make a beautiful leg line.

(5) to do a length is cm, width about twice the waist wrist pillow tied around their waist, put one leg to the back half a step, one chair to sit deeply inside, then back by the shoulder to go, Ting from the chest, do a row 20 times. This action can cure the problems of fatigue and shoulder pain, and can shrink the abdomen.

(F) pick up a rope to stand to one leg to the back half a step, then, this posture, there is rhythm to jump 60 to 70 times. Rope Skipping is a good body movement, not only for health and beauty of great help at the same time be able to contract the muscles of the body to increase the height.

(7) was sitting on the leg, the one-legged knee to the back 3 to 5 cm, shoulders back Bankai, his arm raised straight up, this posture, the upper body forward dumping, as close as possible floor. Stays at 20

40 times. This action is a correction of the cat back the most effective campaigns, not only make the back straight, at the same time be able to beautify the wrist line.

(8) to sit down with strips of cloth tied at the upper part of the two knees, his hands clinging to legs, so that one leg of the knee with the other leg's knee to keep a flat in general high, re-use of both hands pull the body bent, so that his chin touched the knee straight doing 20 to 30 times, this action, you can tighten the buttocks muscles.

(9) did the above-mentioned 8 campaign, the time being not to lift the knee on the cloth, using a pillow pad in the back, straight legs, lying on the 15 minutes. If you have a cold disease, can be tied strips of cloth to sleep at night, so, after a period of time can cure the cold syndrome. For the cat back and O-foot people, these are the most effective campaign.

Be able to increase the food

If you are not over 25 years of age, then as long as you follow the diet described below, there is still opportunity to increase a little.

To increase, we should eat more protein, in particular those containing the "amino acid" foods, such as: flour, wheat germ, beans, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, pig legs of venison, eggs, milk, cheese and dark-colored vegetables.

On the contrary, rice, glutinous rice, desserts and other food should try to eat. Cola and fruit juice are also eating the wonderful, because they contain more sugar will hinder the absorption of calcium, eating more will affect the bone growth. In addition, salt is the enemy of increase, we must cultivate the habit of eating less salt.
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In addition to exercise, that is, a healthy diet,



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