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Upper limb muscle training method.

jszxlm292010-03-24 00:11:25 +0000 #1
November 20 our school is necessary to athletic meets, and I want to play solid ball throwing game, what can make this time in my power to enhance it?
zoxg1232010-03-24 00:18:17 +0000 #2

Is not a solid ball! Is called the shot!

The projects focus on three requirements!

1, height

2, strength

3, motor skills

Height: Have you ever seen the Games shot put player bar! Basically all sub-1.8 m, and this because he was the starting point for a high ball, the throw the ball in the air campaign to vote the more the longer it is far!

Strength: This is easy to understand bar! Training is mainly legs and waist arm strength is precisely one line! Leg exercises can be done leapfrog, you can also practice barbell (not recommended practice affect the long-high). Waist can do sit-ups,

arm dumbbell can do push-ups, etc.! The number of specific exercises to see their own physical condition to develop!

Motor skills: mainly legs and waist arms, exactly one line, I suggest you consult a physical education teacher at the next, he can explain in detail, preferably several times asked him to model, and then you try to practice, ask your instructor to see What are deficiencies in the training, according to the actual situation better!

Finally I wish you won!



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