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Sit-ups will not reduce muscle soreness after exercise do

Warriors 6642010-03-24 00:11:44 +0000 #1
not exercise for some time, and recently breath for 50 sit-ups even after the muscle soreness, but the feeling is not very serious, usually do anything else would not be felt, and only In the sit-ups when you have feelings, and so is still a one-time to do 50 good enough? Other sports is also the case?
Celebrity GK2010-03-24 00:15:58 +0000 #2
ah no problem, only you have the strength, to do more are all right.

Other sports, too ah, of course, if you are professional athletes, we will maintain a high level of training, may not hurt.

I am training for football in the summer time, when a student is not a day training, leave one to camp every morning to run 20-lap, had to do other training for a few days ago are to die painful, but later although pain, However, ran away on the sense most unlikely.

If you just do sit-ups, it is because the abdominal muscles are generally not carried out before such a large amount of training all of a sudden can not afford, they do so, just like a very small volume, after a few days there will be no problem a. A few days later should be no pain of feeling
qwe123as45z72010-03-24 00:48:38 +0000 #3
nothing Ren Ren pass by. Passed on the hook
jijiaa02010-03-24 01:15:29 +0000 #4
all right, and to insist on one a week like, that is not suited to short-term muscle. There is not one breath for like 50, each ready divided into three to four groups to make better.



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