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You help me design the holiday and physical exercise program

__________ Si jobs2010-03-24 12:10:29 +0000 #1
I am a third-year students, a few months on the examination of the 30 points I can only get half of the 5555 -

hope of passing through this holiday season to improve to improve

I am good, and So sports are pulling ah

I am in the examination item: Sit and Reach, 800 meters (my girls), the former drop

1. I am skipping it every night can increase endurance running?

2. Sometimes running in the district is not very convenient, what can improve the running speed of the knock on the door it

3. The school bought a medical rubber (before infusion tied the hands of Dongdong) to allow us to stretch la

If even one winter day, this effect is significant?

4. Hope we can help the proposed schemes, pay attention to strength under the best control I have become "Female King" from happening

Thank you for every one person who can help me, thank you!

I have come up with all of the reward
815,513,3842010-03-24 12:20:34 +0000 #2




Action required


flexibility exercises for 15 minutes

a variety of leg, shoulder waist ligaments stretching, available pressure, pull, split, kicking and other methods to complete.



20 / group × 3 group of

2 minutes to speed, hands, legs straight double-faced feet.

back tilt

30 / group × 2 group of

2 minutes to hand back or Baotou, try to raise the upper body.



15 / group × 2 group of


2 minutes to size of the arm straightened, feet do not touch, the pull elbow when the arms and lower than the amount at hand.


30 seconds lanyard / group X3

5 groups


2 minutes to each 50.

Standing long jump

8 times / group × 5 groups


2 minutes to have a stronger explosive force .

consecutive squat jump

20 times / group × 3 group of


2 minutes to open with the shoulder width, bent knees when Tiexiong jump, landing as far as possible silent.

In-situ high leg lift

30 sec / group × 3

5 groups

1 min

Gaotai thigh, knee-ankle-joint full tread straight, strong arm, fast-paced.

Endurance running

800 meters


8 minutes to jogging, the use of terrain persist longer run. To improve the body's resistance to fatigue.

Description: 1. Insist on each day of practice arrangements: preparatory activities for 5 minutes; in each category, optional 1; relaxation 3 minutes.

2, the lower grades may be appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise.

3. After dinner can not be strenuous exercise (45 minutes after exercise), immediately after exercise, do not drink water and eat a large number of cold drinks. 4. Activities to choose suitable venue, pay attention to safe practice.

5. Conditional can also participate in basketball, table tennis and soccer.

6. 1-2 times the planned arrangements for excursions.

7, campaigns must pay attention to safety!
Love WCWAN5202010-03-24 12:48:05 +0000 #3
a day to run 800 meters



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