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The front thigh muscle injury how to deal with

Semi-Golovin YI2010-03-25 04:10:27 +0000 #1
I practice the long jump at the sports lessons may lead to muscle strain from overuse and a

at that time not feel the pain, but the next day I sleep at night, when the name of Buxing Le blanket high-end one night

Is it because of this reason? The next few days is getting hurt

pain in the thigh front side surface is still shoulder the rear

hope to find a fast cure of which had been required to take the drug by name
799.40671 million2010-03-25 04:13:55 +0000 #2
high-intensity exercise after the normal physiological response is excessive accumulation of lactic acid in your body leading to whole body aches, usually a few days would be all right, 跑跑 warm bath is a good choice.

With the point Yunnanbaiyao Aerosol + Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Also to convalesce



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