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How do weight gain also increase the upper body strength.

shaodi1991142010-03-25 23:11:18 +0000 #1
I am tall and weighs 130 pounds 185CM a relatively thin, especially of the upper and lower body out of proportion to the upper body relatively thin legs fairly thick, I would now like to gain weight, especially trying to increase the upper body weight, such as chest and back and shoulders and waist to keep the meat leg is so that you can hope to be able to gain weight to 150 pounds now February 8th hope to increase by 20 pounds within 20 days please master pointing at home with dumbbells, then ask to teach a diet I would like to concentrate on his writing! ! Effective! ! Do not transferred from other parts of the Oh! --- Thank you. .
Ma undertakes2010-03-25 23:24:40 +0000 #2
you can to gain weight through strength training

but you need to know is that strength training must be maintained to be practicing every day, otherwise the increased muscle and if it stops practice over time, the muscles will be retracted to its original size .

Strength training better go to the gym if not just do it that stays parallel bars parallel bars parallel bars, horizontal bar

4-8 for each group of each 6-N a N ability to represent you more you practice the more N

Of course, just You may also start you could not hold it on a light so slowly you are on the list

chin-up is in hand and shoulder width you'll gradually try to do each row of 6-N group of

4-8 months to do so you can do more than 12 hours to do both hands into a wide range equal to 2-2.5 times the Shoulder Shoulder

If you then pull up the gym to lose it fast and simple good results as long as they ask their predecessors on the line will tell you how to train the 6-month long training 20 pounds muscle no problem should be appropriate to add protein foods you have good

the biceps muscle is 6-8 for each group of 12 in each group (two hands each doing a set of 12)

Note: Do the different items each day with the same place every day practicing muscle bear fruit so slow

20 Tianchang 20 pounds can eat the big tired of large oil absorption was weaker than an ordinary person, but even if you eat greasy also absorbed large oil major not so fast

increase muscle 20 considerable period of time can not be a long 2-3 pounds or 20 pounds is possible to practice jumping ability


1. Mogao: is the run-up basket touch the roof of one foot take-off things such as height; or no run-up pairs foot height of objects such as take-off touch basket day Mogao 30-1 minutes, a month or so bouncing a significant growth

2. Straight leg jump: basic non-curved thigh leg jump by about 50 in each group the best weight-bearing, the main training calf muscle

3. leapfrog: leapfrog forward or upward leapfrog the main training exercises thigh muscle in each group after a period of about 20 can load

4. running the stairs from one floor level and then went down to a running back and forth like

Enough is enough not to remember the training exercises every day, a good part of this muscle for muscle growth is slow. Incumbent, practicing every day with different muscle groups, so that good results will not produce side effects
eat ice cream of shrimp2010-03-25 23:58:18 +0000 #3
Your base is weak, and the first bar to improve the quality of their own.

Note that food be increased appropriately, you have to have the cushion of fat, muscle exercises in order to have capital.

Shoulder width and bone is very much related, but the thickness and hardness of the growth can be acquired, it is recommended all-round science program go to the gym to do exercise.
Swordsman ∮ conditions Philippine2010-03-25 23:32:08 +0000 #4
20 days increased by 20 pounds?

You do consumers eat the liver?



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