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Hypertensive patients are violent sports? That jogging right? What is best exercise?

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azhong5172010-03-26 11:19:57 +0000 #2
high blood pressure are usually the afternoon of the morning low and therefore, high blood pressure as far as possible away the afternoon doing the right amount of aerobic exercise (walking quite good). In addition to adhere to medication in patients with hypertension in peacetime, but also should pay attention to their eating habits, eat more fruits and vegetables, less salt, fat and other food. Usually if there are smoking and drinking habits, we must quit. At the same time, we must establish good habits. At present, many patients with hypertension is not only medication, while also taking a number of ancillary relief of health care products, such as fish oil, lecithin and so on. Fish oil is the heart and brain blood vessels to protect God, lecithin has a softening effect of blood vessels.

If the patient's body fat bias, it can consider the appropriate weight. Obesity is also one of the reasons lead to high blood pressure.
Sicilian tomato2010-03-26 11:20:31 +0000 #3
strenuous exercise blood pressure would certainly have high blood pressure, the most important thing is to keep medication to control blood pressure, and pay attention to diet, do not usually campaign on the campaign I do not think about how well the body, under often just the opposite, many people are, when morning exercise-induced cardio-cerebral vascular disease, there's a good state of mind most important, must be happy



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