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Why did not reach tempered results

zclCarol2010-03-26 11:10:50 +0000 #1
I am lazy day sitting in front of the computer less as time goes by strength on the 1st day passes now even 1000 meters are not a

I began to exercise when exercise is not necessarily possible in the afternoon around 3:00 or 21 o'clock or so

I exercise mainly two kinds of

1, 2 push-ups

Eurya dumbbell dumbbell is the most basic kind of moves for each position do not move Eurya about 1 minute

and then stays prone to do under the limit of 20

a start to do the latter also has a sore arm, chest muscle soreness that this was reasonable

However, after a few days without pain in stomach, but stays under the limit or 20 really do go on do not move. Dumbbell is. . . Although it is not sore, but the maximum number has not increased in

my exercise time up to 15 minutes, would you done about a basic need to rest 3 minutes to 5 minutes. .

Also do this only 2
Day_in_Siberia2010-03-26 11:19:03 +0000 #2
LZ your methods are wrong, is not I can not move far, this will only damage the muscles, for a long time can not be recovered! Should we do, to do a group of 20-30, generally do three groups, the increase in the future with the power of the number or the number of groups in Canada!

The best day of rest a day to do, so that muscle recovery and growth!



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