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I am 40 years old, and very fond of bodybuilding, and now training that excel at muscular do?

Cede territory leaves2010-03-26 19:11:59 +0000 #1
I look relatively thin, thin, very envious of a robust muscles, before the busy work, no time, there are chronological age, big, and now also come and do the training? How to train the shortest possible time out of a plastic body-building muscle? Where to practice? Please use the private to teach me? Cost is about how much?
yujiaao122010-03-26 19:19:21 +0000 #2
himself to buy a dumbbell on the list, but you do not practice out of dead muscle (the kind of relaxation will be hard, very bad, poor blood circulation, easy to twitch, you do not think as good, although the muscles large, but the effort will not be great, so you do not learn what muscles were trained to die), just want to make before the warm-up. Done after going to massage the muscles (pat, Nieyi Nie, Dou Yidou), otherwise you will become a dead muscle.

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Music Send off Memorial ヽ2010-03-26 19:37:05 +0000 #3
energy, long as we persist! Will be able to realize their wish to practice in their own lives perimeter practice, private assistant, your thoughts go according to their request, do not need to if they feel no need to request a cost you can look it up on Baidu. ^ ^ I wish you a dream come true,



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