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Winter fitness

chrisask2010-03-27 00:10:14 +0000 #1
University of winter vacation, and junior high school has been live on campus, school food is not good, plus all day sitting in front of the computer, physical sub-health status, often a bad cold, had intended to go to the gym, but all six cards, not cost-effective, would like to Q. What is the next do not you will be able to achieve enhanced physical fitness fitness way to do that I would be grateful, - preferably effect lead a hands-ha. .
xiaoxing14602010-03-27 00:15:09 +0000 #2
go to the playground running, the best exercise methods, I ran 12 laps a day, about 5,000 meters, and then press stretching, play with parallel bars, horizontal bar Lala, every month a day or two to beat the market basketball, body in very good shape, no need to go to the gym is not, it is just muscle areas.
Small nerve Naoxin2010-03-27 00:43:53 +0000 #3
Practice Yoga bar, find some videos of their own class, there are considerable benefits to the body and I are now practicing

LZ, I was to come and collect points, hee hee
beast attacking2010-03-27 00:43:59 +0000 #4
said tell the truth just like a strong physique is easy to

First of all, you can first up in the morning, when about 3 kilometers of running, improve lung capacity and stamina, but also allows the body's metabolism and male hormones to some extent improved.

Second, every day about 200 different angles of sit-ups also allow your abdominal muscles slightly robust, winning everyone's admiration. Abdominal muscles prior to do first wide from dozens of standard push-ups, played almost all of upper extremity training role.

Such a long-term exercise, even if not to the gym, you can also make your body better than others, a chip, so good work! I believe you will be able to achieve the goal in mind.



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