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How dumped? Action essentials in detail the `good to have plans

Shuiyu14882010-03-27 03:11:18 +0000 #1
I want to ask to be dumped under the wrist turn do?
lbbmac2010-03-27 03:21:04 +0000 #2
dumped action is a very high-tech action (nonsense), if applied properly height limited the offensive side you can not do anything to opponents!

Dumped the key

a better sense of rhythm dribble moves breakthrough and dumped the interface must be dumped before the flow


Unless you slow down, or want to eat hot pot out of the ball shell box

3 The final step to Tiaode Gao

The final step must be the high jump, do not pre-tilt.

Looking for opportunities dumped the process of breaking, break, when broken down focus and pay attention to the protection of the ball. Waiting to cross the defensive

who later, close to the basket, deceleration, vertical upward jump, the body to maintain balance. Shot

dumped (no matter how high the other side is also very difficult to build them up to your ball, because it has a rhythmic change)

dumped the hand-type

The most crucial is to soft, does not recommend using the wrist drop, drop the ball because the wrist would be difficult to get

control, easy to vote in favor, and they moved more slowly. Good model should be hand in hand

arm upward push, push as far as possible where the ball while your fingers aside (Note that the fingers)



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