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How to Quick Muscle

chenjiqian122010-03-27 07:12:01 +0000 #1
What's movement can be accelerated on the upper arm and chest muscles?
leukemia does not cure2010-03-27 07:16:20 +0000 #2
Here is what I here from the Internet are so many ways that the far the most effective of the two, want to help you. Biceps

"21-gun salute"

First of all rows with dumbbells or a barbell

Choose one you can do 10-15 times the weight of stone tablet on the edge and then his arms perpendicular to the arms parallel to the ground to do 7 times for the next half-curl does not nonstop immediately from the arms parallel to the two fully contracted to do seven times for the half-curl does not do full curl nonstop and then a total of 7 times 21 times for a group of 3-4 were made by group


half an hour after dinner every night to do push-ups, do not do too much, too fast, generally 100 is better, is to do grouping, each group 12-18 months, if you can do each of the 25 most Well, so that they can use four groups finished, the former two sets of hands than shoulder width, is to increase the pectoralis major, the latter two sets of hands and try to emulate a narrow one point, so is the pectoralis major exercise in the seam. And do push-ups close attention to pace Long, toes touch the ground, slow slow down the effect, adjust the breath, bend the arm when the suction, when straight breath, the effect is good, so for a month you can see some results, adhere to 3 months the shape of the chest out, this is my 亲身体验过's. If you later become better and easier push-ups, it is necessary to change the direction, and with the stool feet elevation so, you can exercise the chest winding, hand on the height to do push-ups, you can exercise the chest last quarter, and the appropriate weight in the back and put some weight you can load to do push-ups, and strive to exercise each time a sense of chest pain and exhaustion date.

Short for their own training methods to identify the most important exercise for each other should have a sore chest, a sense of the best.

Also a fitting complement to protein powder, such as do not want to add a day to add six SD and one boiled egg yolk eggs, instant milk, 2 packets.
Depth of footprints2010-03-27 07:37:40 +0000 #3
dumbbell biceps training such as `` is the most appropriate chest can also be used for

you say crash do not know how long

muscle piece is not up with the `` do not want to load `` will not be muscle strain, etc.

`fast to catch up with one month to bear fruit nutrition



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