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Fitness experts: help us to see, my home, fitness programs, science no?

foxno17772010-03-27 10:11:13 +0000 #1
My home has a gym

equipment are:

1) a pair of dumbbells 20kg

2) a crank barbell (dumbbell common with the film)

3) Dumbbell bench a (multi-purpose can do push-ups, clergy chairs available)

In order to disassembly film trouble, developed a set of barbells and dumbbells separate training program, there are sets A and B sets, each week rotation, I wonder if such a Science? ? Experts Daren some comments to the little brother, very grateful! ! !

Program are as follows:

Day1: (first day), training chest, shoulders deltoid (A, B sets a weekly rotation)


Day2: (day), training biceps, triceps (A , B sets a weekly rotation)


Day3: (Day), training back muscles, legs (A, B sets a weekly rotation)


Day4: do pulled, yoga, running, aerobics

(half an hour every day, insist on doing abdominal training)

my own set of programs, basically the main A set of barbells, B-based sets of dumbbells, I do not know whether science, or do barbell dumbbell blend of science should be for me dumbbell films, and the barbell piece mix trouble ^ _ ^

Day 1: chest + shoulders

(A set)


barbell bench press (3 * 12)

dumbbell supine Asuka (3 * 12)

shoulder :

barbell sitting back of the neck elected (3 * 12)

barbell sitting anterior elected (3 * 12)

barbell standing dip into the chest (3 * 15)

on the ramp Dumbbell elected (3 * 12)

push-up (the oblique 45 degrees, the ground to do sit feet elevation) (2 * 15,2 * 15,2 * 15)

(B set)


dumbbell bench press (3 * 12)

dumbbell on the ramp birds (3 * 12)

dumbbell-elected under the ramp (3 * 12)

the shoulder:

dumbbells sitting up elected (the military-style dumbbell elected) (3 * 12)

Dumbbell Lateral Raise (3 * 12)

dumbbell bent Asuka (3 * 15)

barbell flat against the wall before the move (3 * 12)

Day 2:

Biceps + Triceps

(A) sets


standing barbell curl (3 * 12 )

standing barbell curl 3 points give (3 * 12)

Pastor Chair curl (3 * 12)

arm barbell curl (3 * 12)


barbell supine narrow elected (3 * 12 )

barbell supine arm extensor (3 * 12)

Narrow Oblique hand push-ups (3 * 12)

(B) sets


standing dumbbell curl (3 * 12)

standing dumbbell curl 3 points the Department of Elections (3 * 12)

seated knee dragging arm dumbbell curl with one hand (3 * 12)

dumbbell curl hands sitting on the ramp (3 * 12)


dumbbell bench bent arm to the After the flexion and extension (3 * 12)

dumbbell seated neck flexion and extension arm (3 * 12)

Day 3:

Back + leg

(A) sets


barbell bent over row (3 * 12)

barbell shrug (3 * 12)

chin-up (3 * 8)


barbell lunge squat (3 * 15)

straight leg barbell dead lift (3 * 15)

barbell calf raise Chung (3 * 15 )

(B) sets


dumbbell bent over row (3 * 12)

dumbbell bench leaning over pulling boat (3 * 12)

chin-up (3 * 8)


dumbbell squat ( 3 * 12)

Dumbbell dead lift (3 * 12)

dumbbell calf raise Chung (3 * 12)

dumbbell sitting extensor (3 * 12)

Thank you for helping me to see if it Science? ? Extremely grateful! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

superjpl2010-03-27 10:19:18 +0000 #2
you this program is copied, right? Generally speaking, limited under the conditions of the training is very good, but would like to say that, although the number of small groups, intensity, larger, but the integrated training model is more suitable for a certain fitness-based "health people" who have If you are a beginner so does not recommend these plans. The reason is simple, is the training too concentrated, and the size of the muscle mass does not keep separate, such as B, had the legs, back at the same time training program, at this too is not conducive to recovery, but apart from chin-up and the dumbbells are not sitting extensor need lumbar support, several other movements for waist larger load.

Short program is a good plan, vary, if you have considerable training basis, to understand sports injuries and protection, then so give it a try.

Flattering, not experts:)

Training should be tailored to its own like , see more video can modify their actions, to gain experience, but this does not mean that the video will definitely be available online for you, they will certainly suited to their use. Many colleagues have written a similar exchange of experiences, many of them "super group" "nutritional impact" and other experiences. Whether to adopt these experiences in your body depends on whether the right to use, because, after all, fitness is a kind of individual projects, things that others can learn nothing.

Your plan are considered adequate training, I personally feel that some excess. In fact, say that is not necessarily right, because I do not know how long you have a fitness experience, not sure you understand how much supplements and physiology, on the whole professional colleagues to play the game much better than the. If you are inexperienced then it may be a bit too far, there are many problems to explore.
Guang-to2010-03-27 10:29:43 +0000 #3



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