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My calf muscle type `` `I do not know how thin ``` listen to them that as long as the promotion of b

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calf weight:

with the body, like legs has its proportion and size, it is calculated like this:

leg length: height is greater than 26.3%;

Maximum circumference: leg length is approximately 3 / 4;

measurements size: the Wai equal to the maximum circumference, the Wai Wai is on the increase next Wai divided by 2, the next Wai Wai is on 63%.

This as a standard, if your height is 160 cm, then your leg length should be 42 cm from top to bottom, the largest circumference should be 32 centimeters, on the Wai 32 cm, 26.5 cm in Wai, Ha Wai 20 centimeters long.

From the side view, the ideal curve front leg should be a vertical line, the latter a slight edge bowing; from the positive side, both in front of or behind the inner edge should be a vertical line, while the outer edge should reflect a certain degree of curvature. Calf curves must take into account the proportion of the body line.

Know that Asian women legs standard, you can pay attention to diet and exercise are the experts for the young women out two sets of "legs lose weight, slim exercise prescription", you may wish to try one day.

The first set of leg exercises to lose weight


sitting, the legs and the earth parallel to his right leg lifted, two hand feet, forehead and strive to reach lower legs, mouth number "1234", then change to left leg , mouth number "5678", alternating legs, do a total of 30 times (Figure 1).


supine, hands akimbo, shoulders forward, the buttocks and upper body force on the move, right leg straight, left leg and knees, legs alternately 10 times (Figure 2).

The second set of legs slender legs Hing Wah Street West parade


feet from squatting exercises was to stand toe, heel feet close together and between the legs was 90 degrees, Hing Wah Street West from the heel, calf contraction force, do squat station from action, each exercise to leg Suanzhang limited (about 3 minutes).

II Hing Wah Street West parade

feet feet jump-station as above, hands akimbo, with both feet before the soles of the feet take-off, drop feet first touch the ground when the former, then the whole foot touched the ground. Hing Wah Street West and then take-off foot, 10 consecutive times.

III France

seated calf massage, calf muscle relaxation, using pairs of hands rubbing the calf muscles, methods should be gentle on each leg massage every 2

3 minutes.

1, less thin calf

a small calf is located in the rear of the calf muscles, this part of the abdominal muscles called the peroneal machine, under normal circumstances, Philippians abdominal machine looks more developed, Philippians 1:00 and no abdominal machine calf seems it is not beautiful, so there should be suitably abdominal Philippians. Under normal circumstances, when the force is to fail to see peroneal abdominal muscles, and only when in a relaxed abdominal muscles appear only Philippians. By walking posture and change the type of shoes can eliminate your overdeveloped calf.

2, to change the walking posture, which is fundamental. To walk slowly roadside checks its own habit of walking. Avoid calf entailing excessive weight.

3, to change the heel height: normal walk, those who wear low-heeled shoes put on high heels, walking normally wear high heels, people put on low-heeled shoes.

Leg exercise common method is to use a fixed weight of the group completed the required number and frequency. This practice resulted in the lower leg muscles of small blocks of the stimulus are not deep or comprehensive, can not make the muscles to complete fatigue. Because when you use a fixed weight to do before the 2-3 group when the strongest part of the muscle force, can ensure the completion of exercises with the correct posture. But in a later exercise leveraging phenomenon occurs in all small muscle fatigue did not meet before the practice has ended. So as not to allow more muscle fibers are stimulated, especially for deep muscle fiber stimulation is not enough, not thorough enough.

There is also a practice approach is incremental approach, namely, as the group increases the number of ever-increasing weight and reduce the number of. By gradually increasing weight, continued to exert more pressure on exercise area, breaking the adaptability of muscle. This increase means the exercise of large muscle groups is the best option, but not necessarily a small leg muscle exercise markedly. Because when the calf with the incremental approach to training, with the group number and weight increases, more and more difficult to complete action, in the later exercise leveraging the same phenomenon will appear, action deformation is not in place to stimulate the non-centralized or fail to meet "peak contraction", resulting in no stimulation or stimulation of some muscles are not very deep and thorough. , While gradually increasing the weight of increased capacity to lift heavy objects, but the exercise of each muscle group the growth of individual muscles was small. In addition, the calf has the characteristics of fatigue resistance, using heavy weight, low-frequency fatigue limit practice difficult to achieve. Only small and medium-intensity weight and 12 times more than the high-frequency stimulation in order to achieve lower leg fatigue limit.

Claw-leg advantage of training are: First, as the weight of the decline, can eliminate the weight of the psychological pressure to conform to the body an extra push as hard, better concentrate on the action process, to limit shrinkage to ensure the quality of movements; Secondly, as the the weight of the descending, group number, the number increased to mobilize more muscle fibers involved. In addition, weight decreasing, the number of larger and more sustained muscular tension involved in the work of the motor unit more efficient. This can be effective in promoting muscle growth.

How does claw-leg training? Here is my experience, for your reference.

The first to do with the weight limits of the provisions of Section 2-3, each 8-12 times. 10-20 lbs subsequently decreasing the weight of each group to practice and try to give the number is constantly on the rise. About 8 group will be able to get down to do an unprecedented feeling of calf swelling like an adequate air balloon.

Recommendation: good warm-up exercises before training to enhance the scope of activities and calf muscle stretching force. Exercise can be used intermittently between the two groups to do some supplementary exercises, such as the small step from a short distance running, cross step sideways running, in-situ high leg lift running, standing vertical jump and so on. These movements not only eliminate a small leg muscle fatigue, but also can improve calf muscle flexibility of the calf shape United States is also of great help.

Note: not suitable for beginners moves Sitting toes, but should stand up toes mainly; senior level of training who used to sit-type toes is the best option. In addition, in order to increase the thickness of the calf muscles after, do not forget the donkey-style toes practice.



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