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Leg tie will not affect the height of sandbag What are the benefits and negative do? Probably tied t

yiminyou2010-03-27 13:11:18 +0000 #1
more point that I was 13 years old will increase the impact do?
10 forwards2010-03-27 13:27:22 +0000 #2
actually increase the load of exercise to increase strength,

is not bound to use sandbags or a barbell piece of this external force to complete ah!

Use your own body weight for the load can also be completed.

Your school stadium Mody? Skip the steps of the stadium is a good way.

I go to school, when training, one-leg hop big steps, small steps quickly run under 10 times for a foot. The jump feet first into a group, a day after the warm-up jump 4 groups.

What to say, age 13, mainly with the basic skills-based training, whether it's basketball or football or volleyball.

Too small contact with heavy load of training not only to the height of an impact, but will also affect your final force development. Although you are now up to strength training, higher than other peers, but when you have fully developed you will find that you are obviously not as good as others the latter part of growing power.

Many newspapers have reported that some high schools and even junior high school physical training instructors for short-term interest of your child on a great deal of effort.

So you still better scientific development.

My point of view for your reference
destiny - disassociate2010-03-27 13:56:45 +0000 #3
tied-hop does have bad effects on the height, the proposed take-off with the toes touch the ground repeatedly done, so that explosive leg exercise, jumping will be good. Physical exercise is to practice long-distance running.



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