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I would like to train muscles, especially the pectoral and abdominal muscles do not know how to prac

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If you just want to casually and thought there were probably a type strength is OK, and then do push-ups and sit-ups, respectively, pectoral and abdominal training. Do not move too fast, to find their own rhythm, do not pause, slowly feeling of doing there, and to find the kind of muscle force and continue to uphold the granting of shrinking feeling. Do push-ups when the body straight, hips slightly pretty, so that residence pay again when the bridge of the nose, the faster slow down. Every action and a slight pause between each movement to keep pace. Sit-ups back when you can ride at high levels, such as the leg tie at the bench, so that between the thigh and lower abdomen before making an obtuse angle, so will head efforts to set their eyes on the knee, the same slow down faster. More difficult abdominal training, need to adhere to and often practiced, six months to have based on the good. These moves should be grouped, such as push-ups divided into 4 groups, respectively, do 40,50,50,40 months, four groups in front of a group of warm-up. Amount based on individual circumstances. One must start doing push-ups when the chest is very sore, you can rest a few days, and so almost hurt the longer continue to do, and slowly will not hurt. Abdominal pain will start, but the recovery faster, up to 23 days can be resumed, can be practicing more frequently. Over time to take a break, do not necessarily have to do every day, sometimes "nursed back to health" is essential.

If you want a long-term training and the training effect of a food restaurants, I suggest you go to the gym, there is a detailed exercise methods, but also coaching and equipment, and complete exercise can help you better.

These are my personal fitness experience, start doing push-ups and sit-ups, and later went to the gym can not meet the demand. By the way, after fitness eat high-protein foods, such as eggs and meat, to meet the long muscles of your body's nutritional needs. If you want to see results as soon as possible, then drink the protein powder. Effect is very good.
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chest, high school low-prone barbell elected, bird spreading its wings dip


10 in each group, at least three groups, at least 4 times a week. 2 days in a row, on the 1st rest

abdominal muscles, parallel bars, front legs held flat; horizontal bar legs held flat, then sit-ups for more than

15-20 in each group, at least two groups, continuous
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men body trump action

a push-ups sit-ups


3 squat (squat)

4 pull-up

not too fussy about the whole day, four movement exercise 40-60 minutes to do the best

I think you do not want to go to the gym to do exercise equipment for more than

4 Where a movement can be purely fitness exercise

In addition to weight squat may be a general point to stimulate the men other than the three that you can fight against their own weight on the very, very bad,



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