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willemye012010-03-27 20:11:55 +0000 #1
no time for exercise because of work, at home and bought a treadmill, spinning, sit-up board, dumbbells, would like to ask how to use these tools to develop a one-week exercise program? Do not need to add some exercise equipment can be.

Please mark the start time each day training, each exercise will take time and exercise effects
laogenwan2010-03-27 20:22:36 +0000 #2
develop training programs is to ensure that training is more scientific, more realistic training to overcome the blindness and randomness, to do step by step, systematic training. Also in order to test training methods and results, lessons learned. In addition, the planned exercise is also a constraint on their own, you can urge its adherence to training, continuously improve the quality and level of training to achieve the intended purpose.

Specify the exercise program should be based on individual's physical condition, physical strength, age, sex, work, labor intensity, living conditions and training purposes as the basis, to do all the preparation work.

1, clearly the purpose of exercise training in preparation before the
, there must be a general in the planning and vision, clear training objectives and basic requirements. For example, some people exercise as a leisure entertainment, activities, the following bones, adjust the following state of mind; someone is a part of the body in order to correct minor defects; others in order to fitness, to achieve the purpose of improving the body; someone wants to reach a certain physical fitness standards ; was purely in order to lose weight; someone wants to do a bodybuilding athlete to participate in bodybuilding shows and competitions; and so on. Different objectives, plans vary.

2, masters of our own basic conditions

mainly include physical health status, fitness level, body type, height and bone thickness, body weight and lean fat, personality characteristics and persistence, the nature of work and leisure time, living standards. A comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of the following that they participate in training in order to formulate plans to better meet the individual's actual situation. If you want to have accomplished in competitive bodybuilding, but also must consider the final round.

3, the implementation of training venues equipment

developed exercise program, we must consider training venues and equipment conditions. Bring their own equipment to practice at home, or to a nearby gymnasium, museum practice, we must be aware of. Thus, under conditions in order to work out a practical exercise program.

4, developed a good class exercise program

This is the implementation of the exercise the most basic and important aspect.

The course content includes: 1 each time the task of training courses and requirements.

2, each class of body parts and the use of training methods, equipment and action.

3, for each class of each part of training arrangements for the allocation of time and amount of exercise.

4, the weight of each action for each class, number, group number, strength and density.

In short, a good exercise program should be made for each exercise are to derive maximum benefits from, and be able to:

1, a firm understanding of how to start exercising, from where to start, every step of what to do.

2, easy, moderate and smooth conduct of training, will not cause injuries and panic, would not mind practicing for how long.

3, and stable manner towards the established goal.

4, exercise during the exercise effect on the determination of satisfaction.

5, at home exercise equipment without the need of large specialized.



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