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Where can I practice yoga in the Chancheng?

hide, can be described as NN2010-03-28 03:10:02 +0000 #1
I am a white-collar workers, want to go to practice after work under the yoga, I have not previously practiced yoga, please visited a friend to the point, where you can practice yoga, please provide the following address and price. Thank you -
fsbei882010-03-28 03:11:59 +0000 #2
If you think yoga can go to Lou Zhu Jade Butterfly Yoga Center (in the stream ago), Sun and Moon Yoga Center (Oriental Plaza, the earth on the third floor), the fourth floor is the Total Fitness. There are there are also flowers. JIHUA WU also have a.

You can learn a few get some free trial lesson. to see which is more suited to their teachers.
, and preferably before class ready to yoga clothes, yoga supplies, yoga Station Lane, yoga mats are common. although sterile. but it is not health, if long-term exercise or self-prepared two sets of yoga clothes and yoga mats. Louzhu can Soso "Foshan Bei Baba Yoga" or "Yoga Foshan clothing "and the like, their clothing items are relatively complete, you can choose or come home delivery.

short yoga clothing with comfort, Sweat-absorbent, soft, the first choice.



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