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I would like to how to train the muscles?

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My 3-year junior high school. Of about 1 meter tall and 7. Weight of 140 kilograms. My primary school fat. And then to the junior high school I began to insist on playing basketball. Face down on the apparent thin (one thin arm and face up). I sprint and long-distance running is a class inside the one of the best. to the first two I feel that my muscles a lot bigger than before. where the thigh and arm muscles in the most developed. ban which is currently the biggest strength .. I just feel that the time before the fat left over from a pot of fat was obviously not how slim down
. Abdominal Straight obvious that a little bit. other places can be seen. I want to insist on exercising the muscles to let the body slim down. I do not know how to engage in the most scientific and most reliable was the most efficient. ask you to teach master brilliant idea!
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learned KUMA sauce2010-03-28 07:41:39 +0000 #3
First of all, I would say. . . . . A good laugh! Ha Ha Ha Ha. . . A third-year of a child to train the muscles Xiaopi Hai! Ha Ha Ha Ha. . . .

Then, say, weight-loss methods are many, one. Since you have a computer at home why not get your video look at Baidu thin video?

2. Eat some weight-loss diet lose weight on the 3rd meal

I use this method, results were pretty good, it is recommended the first day of what

Breakfast: 1 grapefruit, peanut butter 1 teaspoon of bread a,

black coffee cup

Lunch: Tun Take canned tuna [use mineral water or purified water immersion]

half a can, a toast, black coffee or tea cup

Dinner: Boiled [cabbage trees in half, lentils 10, meat 2,

red grapes 10] , Apple 1, vanilla ice cream cup, a cup of black coffee or tea

next day

breakfast: half a banana, a boiled egg, toasted bread, a black coffee or tea a cup of coffee

Lunch: yogurt cup, soda crackers 2 , black coffee or tea


Dinner: hot dogs intestine 2, half-boiled broccoli, banana half of the root,

red grapes 10 black coffee or tea cup


Breakfast: Apple 1, soda crackers 2 film, black coffee or tea cup

Lunch: 1 baked bread, a boiled egg, black coffee or tea cup

Dinner: tuna, canned tuna [use mineral water or purified water immersion],

10 red grapes, boiled cabbage flower half-trees, bananas and a half root, vanilla

ice cream cup, a cup of black coffee or tea


1, drinking five cups a day, early in the evening the cup,

the cup between meals, without which no longer drinking or eating

other things

2, raw food can only boiled, seasoned with salt or pepper

3, depending on the order of recipes can not be used indiscriminately or in any other alternatives

4, three days a cycle, the fourth day of normal diet,

and then continue with the next one cycle of

5, ice cream in the diet played a role in burning fat

Well, here I wish you a successful weight loss diet recipes more Multi

super-effective weight loss methods - weight loss recipes

on the 3rd Day Breakfast: half a grapefruit, peanut butter 2 teaspoons, bread and a coffee cup

Lunch: tuna, canned tuna, half a can (with mineral water or soaked in purified water), baking bread, a cup of coffee or tea

Dinner: Cabbage trees in half, two pieces of meat, coffee or tea cup, a cup of vanilla ice cream, lentils 10, 10 red grapes, apples 1

second day of the breakfast: half a banana, a boiled egg, toasted bread, a coffee or tea cup

Lunch: yogurt cup, two soda crackers, coffee or tea cup

Dinner: hot dogs intestine 2, half of broccoli, red grapes ten tablets, bananas half-root, a cup of coffee or tea,

on the third day Breakfast: 1 apple, cheese one, two soda crackers, coffee or tea cup

Lunch: 1 boiled egg, toasted bread, a coffee or tea cup

Dinner: tuna, canned tuna half a can (with mineral water or purified water immersion), red grapes ten grains, cabbage to spend most of trees, bananas and a half root, vanilla ice cream cup, coffee or tea cup

NOTE: 1. 5 cups of water to drink per day (early, middle and Late each cup, each cup between meals) In addition to no longer drinking or eating two. Health food can only boiled, with salt and pepper, can not add other ingredients 3. in accordance with the order of recipes can not be used indiscriminately or Other alternatives 4. coffee or tea and not add sugar or milk 5. formulations are chemical reaction can not change

procurement of food: peanut butter bottle, coffee bottle, canned tuna, two cans of tuna, a bag of baked bread, cauliflower one, lentils 10, Apple 2, vanilla ice cream cups, 3 bananas, yogurt cup, broccoli one, a bag of soda crackers, cheese one, grapefruit one slice of bread bag, two pieces of meat, red grape 30, eggs 2.

* Ingredients: chicken, oatmeal, etc.

* operations: a bowl of soy-based breakfast cereal 1 / 2 cup

lunch, tuna fish, mixed vegetables salad UFO

Tea lemon soda water 1 cup

Dinner Miscellaneous a bowl of chicken vegetable pasta carrot corn soup bowl

cultivating a taste of the four "fried"

to do when the food is usually fried with plenty of fat, fried food will absorb a lot of process oil.

Even so, nutritionists said that during weight loss do not have to completely quit fried food, but I will not eat every day, today we should eat two or three days before they can eat, can eat one or two times a week! After the success of weight loss is also still do not eat for several days or a few meals of fried food, not so easily induced fat.

Nutritionist sister also taught me a good low-fat cooking method is to use chicken broth instead of oil. I now have switched to chicken, cooking, cooking oil, though not as fragrant as mouth, but the taste is good, so that I can eat healthy to eat fit!

Thin Cheats

Speaking of common pitfalls fried food fried food, fast food shops, a natural deep-fried food is a great trap, another tea time when you will encounter many pitfalls, such as a spring roll has 136 calories, and there has been a line, angle 113 calories, and the greatest trap is the fried rice, fried noodles, as a bowl of fried rice or noodles, about equal to three bowls of rice or noodles in soup, so to avoid fall into these traps ah!


Lunch corn chips a bowl of chicken lettuce Peter Pack

Tea Diet Coke

a bowl of sugar pea supper of chicken noodles dish

a thin four taste the "sweet"

the original with the deep-fried compared with the food, dessert is not the most "lethal" food, but if the accumulation of too much sugar inside the body will be converted into fat.

What are the ways you can eat dessert and not count? Know how to calculate the heat that is defense, the sugar is equivalent to starch, for example, you eat in a day of starchy foods, then the day it is best not to eat foods that are high in sugar to avoid excess. In other words, if you want to eat dessert, they have to eat less starch to offset the extra calories, so they are less likely to build up the body too much sugar and starch of the. Another point to remember is to choose low-calorie desserts, such as low-fat ice cream and fruit juice or milk sugar, certainly better than full-fat ice cream and sugar calories of fat are much lower drag 啦!

Frequently Asked dessert thin Cheats traps

Breakfast Barbecued Pork Bun 1 (not fat tablets) calcium-fortified soy milk 1 cup corn, spinach, roast chicken lunch

Tea carambola Volume 4

Dinner Meat Last Egg + yellow tips in vain a bowl of rice a green carrot soup bowl

thin four taste the "salty"

now have more to eat a healthy knowledge of concepts, know that eating salty, in addition to physical health no good, the original also has a great impact on weight loss. Although the food is not caused by eating salty fat, but it would cause swelling, because if you eat salty water but not enough, they will be prone to edema situation. I used to have this problem, but now much more light diet, edema and the situation has improved significantly. But nutritionists sister reminded me that can not completely quit salt, because salt contains minerals beneficial to the body, and if not a small amount of salt to flavor, maybe I will soon because the food is too light, and no longer insist on weight loss.

Enough is enough salt, MSG should try to eat less, because sodium glutamate, so that the body easy to water. I now rarely dine out, so that both can also eat a healthier diet, why not?

Frequently Asked Cheats thin high-salt foods trap

In fact, there are too many in their daily lives is a high-salt foods, such as canned food, instant noodles, pickled foods, and smoked meat, so that you unconsciously intake too much salt, likely to cause edema. So in the future visiting the supermarket, remember not to buy too many of these foods had.

Breakfast corn chips a bowl

Luncheon meat spaghetti 1 / 2 bowl


a small amount of corn chip snack shrimp dinner a bowl of rice mixed vegetables beef, a little white fungus soup a bowl

My favorite snack

I remember the beginning of weight loss, I first thought was: Oh, no! I can not ever eat a beloved snack. You are wrong,

lose weight can actually still eat snacks during the period, will be very easy because of eating too much light and drop out. As long as know how to choose way, it would not be excessive intake of calories without realizing it.

I know that many friends of the ideas and the previous, like me, even if healthy snacks are delicious, but it has always been to give up your favorite high-fat snacks, potato chips and shrimp is still a very painful thing. In fact, as you know the kind of high-calorie snacks is a weight loss taboo truth, and then discovered that healthy snacks are also delicious, they will naturally do not want to taking even one of those high-fat snacks. Once the high-fat food does not touch as time goes by, gradually you also do not feel anything for them, even if the fries filled dessert table, has been difficult to induce your appetite has.

Just like right now I am, even if a lot of snacks on the front, I have not wanted to eat all the food the impulse to the contrary, sometimes there will be vomiting feeling. Since eating habits have changed along with your ideas, high-fat snacks will no longer be a temptation, so why would they feel pain? Thin Cheats

weight-loss during the snack food substitutes like to eat snacks, but of course want to know how to choose. To put it simply, it is necessary to find substitutes for snacks, such as with corn chips instead of potato chips, cheese instead of ice cream, or use low-fat chocolate milk instead of chocolate, are a good choice ah!

Breakfast Chicken Mexico Volume 1 calcium-fortified soy milk 1 cup

Lunch cucumber juice 1 Volume 6 Peach Tea Peach Juice cans

Dinner hybrid beef cattle Rouchao a bowl of udon soup apple 1 / 2 into the bowl

160 lbs

from 226-200 pounds, and then from 200 pounds down to 180 pounds, 20 pounds less for each success, than the previous double happy and excited. Frankly speaking, 20 pounds! Yes 20 pounds ah! Most people if they can lose 20 pounds, should have been incredibly happy bar, not to mention time and time again I have lost 20 pounds, ask me how can we not excited about it?

Being the person to lose weight pounds would certainly sensitive to that, each time seems to wait for the pounds of good-like, and I feel more tension can be imagined. In order to avoid unnecessary anxiety, I suggest that you develop the habit of timing on the pounds, such as fixed bed in the morning, after, or before going to sleep on the pounds to make records, let your grades and be able to more accurately reflect your efforts. If you do not find someone for your weight-loss plan designed, the best pound for every two days last time, so you can keep abreast of progress, to know what foods or habits of your customized weight-loss program impact. However, if looking for someone to help you lose weight, nutritionists recommend that the best pound per week before the last time, because time is longer, a difference of pounds more obvious, so you have more motivation and determination to continue their efforts.

When standing on the pounds suddenly felt that she had only 160 pounds of the moment, I almost cried. 226 pounds with 200 pounds because of the difference, or is 200 pounds with 180-pound difference is nothing but the big fat into a small fat man, with the "thin" the distance is still great. On the pounds until I see his only 160 pounds when I finally have a sense of going into a skinny girl, and finally, "thin" For me it is no longer out of reach.

A gradual downsizing Cheats

If you want to lose weight more than 50 pounds, then your skin will definitely be after a period of relaxation, as if one put a gas balloon, having to fold up! Lose weight and stature is basically to improve the speed is directly proportional to, reducing the fat after a period of time, avatars only slowly improving, so long as to pay a little more time and patience, coupled with the help of advanced equipment or sports certainly can be your ideal in shape!

Seven weight-loss recipes

Monday Breakfast: Guava (or tomatoes) 1, eggs 1, non-sugar espresso cup

Lunch: fruit platter, not limited, but can not be too

Dinner: Egg 2 a, assorted vegetables, a small-cap (small cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, green peppers are

can be); a full cereal toast, guava 1, coffee 1 cup

Tuesday Breakfast: Guava (or tomatoes) 1, eggs 2, no sugar espresso cup

Lunch: Cold chicken wings, chicken breast alternatively (steaming, boiling, halogen can be, but must go to the oil /

peeled), 2 tomatoes, guava 1

Dinner : 32 lean meat (cooked can be), Chinese cabbage, celery, 1 small cucumber, coffee, one cup

Wednesday Breakfast: Guava (or tomatoes) 1, eggs 1, non-sugar espresso cup

Lunch: Egg 2, tomato 2, no sugar espresso cup

Dinner: lean meat, 32 (cooking can be), celery, carrot, cucumber 1

Thursday Breakfast: Guava (or tomatoes) 1, eggs 1 , a cup of strong coffee without sugar

Lunch: fruit platter, not limited, but can not be too

Dinner: 2 eggs, vegetables and assorted a small-cap (small cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, green peppers may be); all cereals toast 1 , guava 1, coffee 1 cup

Friday breakfast; platoon leader (or tomatoes) 1, eggs 1, non-sugar espresso cup

Lunch: 2 eggs, spinach, half a catty (Zhuhou cold, add one drop sesame oil) is not a cup of strong coffee and sugar

Dinner: Meat 1 (can be cooked), a small-lettuce, tomatoes, 2, grilled toast 1, guava 1, coffee 1 cup

Saturday Breakfast: Guava (or tomatoes) 1, eggs 1, non-sugar espresso cup

Lunch: 2 eggs, spinach, half a catty (Zhuhou cold, add a drop of sesame oil) is not a cup of strong coffee and sugar

Dinner: lean meat, 32 (Cooking can be) , celery, 1 small cucumber, tomato 1, coffee 1 cup

Sunday Breakfast: Guava (or tomatoes) 1, egg 2, no sugar espresso cup

Lunch: fruit platter, not limited, but also can not be too

Dinner: 1 chicken, carrots, a small bowl of boiled cabbage, tomatoes, 2, guava 1, a cup of coffee

in the entertainment circles, mixed, in addition to a handful of people, each person most afraid of are fat, maintain movements of each star's number one goal of the revolution.

The first one: eat more fiber foods

on behalf of Stars: Rock Singer Michael Jackson, Yayi Si Gloria Estefan, after the Latin songs, country songs after Trisha Yearwood, Jennifer Lopez.

Traits: right diet and exercise is very positive, balance is key to success.

Recommendation: Because the digestive system fragile, so eat more fiber-rich foods, in order to secure easy to thin.

1st day: Breakfast 1 oranges, half a glass of skim milk, oatmeal, raisins 5. Lunch, a cup of chicken broth, four soda bread, a cup of fruit salad. Dinner a baked potato with butter, a cup of boiled cabbage, an apple, almond stars.

The cellulose content of various foods:

wheat bran: 31%


4-grain cereal :8-9%

legumes: 6-15% "" "More

The next day: breakfast half a cup of stew beans, a soft-boiled eggs, and an English muffin. Lunch by the kiwi, strawberries, bananas, fruit composition disk, a cheese, a cup of spinach. Dinner cup of rice, a cup of stir-fried vegetables, a cup of popcorn and the carrot shred.

On the third day: breakfast a cup of skim milk, oatmeal. Lunch, spinach salad, a soft-boiled eggs and a bacon. A pasta dinner, salad, an ounce of salted biscuits, a pear.

The second measure: spinach blowing a tough guy Arnold

on behalf of Stars: A Nuoshu movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whitney Houston song, after the United States President Bill Clinton.

Traits: respect for food, wine, because it is difficult to indulge in weight loss, but for good-looking appearance and ultimately will choose a diet.

Recommendation: iron-containing foods can help burn calories.

1st day: Breakfast 6 ounces grapefruit juice, a soft-boiled eggs, half a English muffin with butter. Lunch 4 ounces roast beef, cabbage salad with a sub-thread. Dinner a sub-boiled chicken breasts, two cups of spinach, a cup of fruit salad, a cup of yogurt.

The next day: breakfast a cup of cantaloupe, a cheese and rye crackers 4. Shrimp salad lunch. Dinner 4 ounces grilled roast beef, accompanied by string of onions, green peppers and mushrooms, a cup of rice, a cup of low-fat yogurt, 2 apricots.

Day: Breakfast 6 ounces Liu Dingzhi, a bacon, half a grilled bagel with butter. Lunch, a cup of Clam pasta and salad. Dinner 6 ounces grilled fish, six tender asparagus, a sub-salad, a cheese and a pear.

The third measure: low-calorie sweets to one-off

on behalf of Stars: actor Tom Hanks, actress Meryl Streep.

Traits: attention to nutrition, like sweets and cooking, to rely on food in order to diet.

Recommendation: Be sure to choose low-calorie sweets.

1st day: breakfast with a low-calorie syrup, French toast and a cup of blueberries. Lunch 1 pm spinach, seafood salad. Dinner cheese eggplant, add half a cup low-fat strawberry ice cream.

The next day: breakfast croissants, and a butter an orange. Lunch 4 ounces tuna salad with tomato and cucumber. Dinner 6 ounces grilled halibut, a cup of boiled carrots, a small sub-salad, a cup of low-fat lemon pudding, grape blue stars.

Day: Breakfast 6 ounces Liu Dingzhi, a soft-boiled eggs, and an English muffin. Lunch Shrimp salad and soda bread. Dinner 4 ounces fish steak, 6 ounces grilled lobster tail, half a cup of rice, a sub-salad, a cheese and an apple.

-Related knowledge: The low-calorie sugar, sugar to help you to be a "low cards" Woman

More Star slimming secret:

Hitomi Kuroki: She cried every day in front of the mirror said to myself "I want to be getting thinner"

Ryoko Hirosue: the fresh vegetables in the village of Mei-li

: to do sit-ups each day, 1 hour before going to bed and then painted with latex thin waist, continuous beating and a half hours, it really would create a small "waist" fine figure.

Brigitte Lin: Every time consuming, are eating only half of his plate of food, the other half do not eat.

Maggie Cheung: salt water Qingchang

Cecilia Cheung: taking diuretics

Veronica Yip: stomach raising worms

summer weight-loss meal


early morning drinking a diet cup, about 300 ml. Breakfast: Porridge 100 grams of coarse grains, lean meat, 100 grams of steamed buns. Early afternoon: fruit 1. Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of peeled chicken, mushrooms 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each. Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1. Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, 100 grams of soy products, vegetables and 100 grams. Bedtime: Skim Milk 250 ml.

Recipe 2

early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters. Breakfast: fresh milk 400 ml, whole wheat bread, 100 grams. Early afternoon: fruit 1. Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of lean beef, mushrooms 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each. Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1. Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, seaweed and 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables. Before going to bed: 250 ml milk.

Recipe 1 cup water 3

early morning, about 300 milliliters. Breakfast: 400 ml milk, eggs, a staple food 100 grams. Early afternoon: fruit 1. Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of animal liver, kelp 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each. Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1. Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, 100 grams of soy products, vegetables and 100 grams. Bedtime: Skim Milk 250 ml.

Clean stomach - Slimming menus

Keep fit for life is the cause of ladies, in addition to fertilizer owners shouted at all times, downsizing, the consistent build standard of the cause of the ladies of the Keep fit is never relax! This brought a light on for everyone's menu and effective weight-loss, moderate weight you will not be too "cruel."

Breakfast: any fruit.

Lunch: fresh carrot juice, cabbage salad, micro-baked whole wheat bread 2 can be coupled with tomato pieces, cucumber slices or lettuce pieces.

Dinner: any vegetable juice, broccoli soup, chicken brine.

Ha ha ha, thank me, worn out
Alice ミ ル メ board2010-03-28 08:04:30 +0000 #4
The easiest way: Every day adhere to cite dumbbell




3 stairs with the jump (up jump)
limingweipzh2010-03-28 08:06:00 +0000 #5
according to the scientific point of view, it should be to eating beef

in order to increase muscle, you can eat these:

honey iced tea: Memphis University researchers found that people who eat foods such viscous body glucose can be a longer period to maintain a high level. Because it helps glycogen storage, while the muscle glycogen is a source of energy.

Steak: steak better than other proteins, "to create" muscles. At the same time steak can also help improve the body promote testosterone levels of amino acids. Testosterone can increase your weight-bearing capacity and exercise more muscles.

Almonds: Almonds contain a lot of magnesium. Western Washington University study showed that an increased intake of magnesium increase in load force stronger than taking the placebo effect of 20%.

Broccoli: broccoli vitamin C content of the vegetables is the highest. Half a cup of broccoli contains 60 milligrams of vitamin C. The study found vitamin C, athlete training muscle injury suffered by athletes in less than taking the placebo.

Brown rice: comparison with the milled rice, brown rice contains more arginine and lysine. The University of Houston researchers found that additional arginine and lysine in the human body to help muscle growth hormones than those who took placebo to 21.5 times higher.

Low-fat ice cream: Do not completely reject chocolate, eating chocolate can add magnesium. In addition, your biceps, triceps, as well as all other X triceps need calcium in order to correctly implement the nerve came the command. The ice cream cocoa to provide calcium, only half a glass of ice cream to contain 63 mg of calcium.

★ be more suited to the Chinese people's diet plan long muscles:) breakfast (first meal): a small amount of beef or chicken 1 egg and 3 egg white (white boiled) 1 cup soy milk or skim milk, 1 bread (can be added red bean curd) 1 apple

2nd Meal: 2 eggs, 1 persimmon 4 sweet potatoes

lunch (third meal): 2 bowls of rice or 3 bread 200 grams of beef or chicken fat-free or low-fat milk (Supermarket where there are selling low-fat milk powder) or fat-free yogurt (hard to buy and expensive, but beneficial to digestion) a large-ping all kinds of vegetables (a person who is intended to be)

Training ago (4th meal): 4 protein, a sweet potatoes 1 cup persimmon a whey protein + creatine (in the main protein intake)

training (fifth meal): 1 banana half a watermelon or other fruit 1 cup oatmeal, such as the conditions changed to allow permit Bora giant muscle by 2000 supply a cup (in the main carbohydrate intake. training inadequate intake of carbohydrates, the body will use muscle protein to mention the heat for the training) Dinner (meal VI): 1 bowl 200G noodles or rice, fish or shrimp consommé with minimal oil or steam

7th best meal: 1 cup protein drink (if conditions permit) can also skim milk instead of



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