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I went to the gym soon 3 months how to increase the strength of the

wuweihan212010-03-29 01:11:58 +0000 #1
I go to the gym already have 3 months of the bar, chest, arm muscle has increased significantly.

But it seems that the power does not increase a lot, I am 19-year-old. 1.78 meters weight of about 130 bar

about how to increase strength, such as bench press, and I probably give 35 kg of the weight of it, but I was abroad, foreigners do not know whether natural strength relatively large, many people are practicing 50 kg the above, to how I kind of can not increase their strength
david16092010-03-29 01:21:10 +0000 #2
diet is very important!!!

a lot of people have been ignored in health food

a very high increase of forces should be the "protein"

the middle of fat.

If we were not fat, then muscle, but also control the intake of carbohydrates (like rice)
aizhoulin0012010-03-29 01:26:16 +0000 #3
at the same time to remember that calcium!
604,556,9482010-03-29 01:31:13 +0000 #4
do not need to go to the gym on the force, it can do at home to do push-ups, Dunqi, barbells, grip, rope skipping and so on.

Push-ups and the barbell is to increase arm strength. Dunqi to increase jumping power, increase grip wrist force, jump rope skipping can increase strength and pectoral muscles.

So, do not need to go to the gym to increase strength, go to the gym on the strength of a very slow, although very slowly, but do these over to the gym more effectively



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